Think Big Reading Room opens at Crown Point Junior Music Academy

Posted: Wednesday, October 17th 2018

Crown Point students sharing new books

Through the generosity of Eleni and Wolfgang Gagon Trust, and in association with the San Diego Unified School District, the Carson Scholars Fund (CSF) is pleased to announce the opening of a Think Big Reading Room at Crown Point Junior Music Academy (CPJMA).  The grand opening celebration and ribbon cutting ceremony took place this past Tuesday, and the Crown Point kids wasted no time getting comfortable and diving into some of the new books.

The Think Big Reading Room Project, founded by retired pediatric neurosurgeon and New York Times bestselling authors Dr. Ben Carson and his wife, Candy, is an initiative of the Carson Scholars Fund.  The purpose of the Think Big Reading Room Project is to create a literacy-enriched environment that sparks a child’s interest in reading.  The project is dedicated to promoting reading as a key to unlocking a child’s full potential.  The Think Big Reading Room Project brings students, their families, faculty and the community together to raise awareness of the benefits of developing a lifelong habit of reading and the importance of everyday, leisure reading.

Crown Point is a TK-5th grade public school that educates children to be critical thinkers and problem solvers in a highly motivating, rigorous environment where academic growth is strengthened by the integration and study of music.  CPJMA is a neighborhood/magnet school located in beautiful Pacific Beach, a neighborhood in San Diego. Students not only come from within the neighborhood boundaries, but also from all over the county to attend CPJMA because of its focus on strong academics through music education.

CPMJA’s ocean-themed reading room will be an additional resource for the school and serve as a launch pad to instill a love of reading and learning in students at an early age.

“We are thrilled to be opening another reading room in California,” said CSF co-founder Candy Carson.  “The reading room project began in Maryland and has grown exponentially over the last 18 years!  The Carson Scholars Fund remains committed to creating environments where children can continue to develop and learn.  We would like to extend a hearty thank you to the Gagon Trust for investing in the San Diego community and in its children.” 

This is the sixth reading room to be sponsored by the Gagon Trust and the 9th to open in Southern California.  The Gagon Trust has committed to open dozens of rooms across California in the coming years.

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