Students, district raise awareness during National Bullying Prevention Month

Posted: Friday, October 9th 2015

Students, district raise awareness during National Bullying Prevention Month

Eliminating bullying and hate from school campuses is a district priority year-round, but one that takes center stage during National Bullying Prevention Month in October.

Schools throughout the district are holding events and activities that support diversity, encourage tolerance and discourage bullying while the district is working this month to strengthen its efforts to support the LGBTQ student population.

“Bullying prevention week at Patrick Henry is a very big thing on campus,” said ASB President Carlee Anderson. “This week we started off with wearing purple to show our support against bullying. Thursday we passed out over 500 rainbow ribbons to show our support for the LGBTQ community. Friday we will be wearing our compliment shirts.

“We are encouraging everyone to meet at least two new people, and Friday at lunch, we will be having a handprint wall for every student to trace their handprint for a pledge against bullying,” Anderson continued. “We are encouraging everyone to be kind and friendly to one another.”

Students at Crawford High will be taking time during a lunchtime rally later this month to write their insecurities on inflated balloons, then popping them or letting them go to signify the release of those insecurities.

Concurrently, the district continues its commitment to diversity, inclusiveness and safety for all of its students. The Office of Youth Advocacy is working with students and staff to continuously educate them on the various forms of bullying, and implementing history and social studies lessons that highlight the contributions of members of the LGBTQ community in accordance with the FAIR Education Act.

This month, the district is encouraging participation in the National OUT for Safe Schools campaign, an effort to ensure that LGBTQ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Questioning) students and their families feel welcomed and affirmed on all school campuses.

Staff who wish to participate in the campaign can wear the badges displaying their willingness to talk to students and parents about LGBTQ concerns. Anywhere there is an adult who is wearing this badge, students will know that person represents a safe space.

San Diego Unified is among several districts across the county, including Los Angeles Unified and Chicago Public Schools, participating in the campaign that was launched by the Los Angeles LGBT Center and GSA Network.

“This campaign is part of the district’s larger effort to show our LGBTQ students – and all of our students – that we are committed to creating a school environment that is inclusive, tolerant and safe from bullying,” said Vernon Moore, director of the Office of Youth Advocacy.

The Board of Education passed a resolution at the Sept. 29 Board meeting designating October as Bullying Prevention Month for all schools and will be bringing forth a resolution at the Oct. 13 meeting recognizing October as Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) History Month. 

Last year, the Council of ASB Presidents joined the Board of Education in passing the resolution designating October as Bullying Prevention Month, which allowed them the flexibility to carry out anti-bullying activities within that month.

National Bullying Prevention Month was started in 2006 by PACER. What started as a one-week event has now evolved into a month-long effort that encourages everyone to take an active role in the bullying prevention movement.

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