SDUSD Stories - Hoover Seniors Pay a Visit to Elementary Students

Posted: Friday, June 9th 2017

This morning, graduating seniors from Hoover High spent a few minutes with the kids who one day will be following in their footsteps. As part of the "Senior Walk," over 40 graduating Hoover students paid a visit to Rosa Parks, Central, Cherokee Point, and Hamilton elementary schools, all of which are "feeder" schools for Hoover.

For many Hoover students, the Walk was a return to their alma mater. These seniors were excited to meet with future Cardinals, and in many cases reunite with some of their former teachers. The elementary students were in the Hoover spirit, cheering on the high schoolers, giving them high fives and sharing in the excitement of the upcoming graduation next Tuesday.

In addition to the Walk, a small group of seniors made special visits to 5th grade classes where they gave a pep talk to the youngsters, who will be advancing to middle school next year. The event was a great opportunity for elementary students to visualize themselves as future  Cardinals and high school graduates, and to foster pride in the Hoover community.

These schools are all a part of the Hoover cluster's unique pathway that sets students up for academic success, and guaranteed college admission into San Diego State University as part of the College Avenue Compact.

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