SDUSD Police surprise Dewey Elementary third graders with bike giveaway event

Posted: Tuesday, December 12th 2017

Students in the SDUSD Police "True Blue Buddies" program were treated to an unexpected holiday surprise this Monday, in the form of brand-new bicycles and helmets.

At first, Chief Mike Marquez announced that they would be raffling away 5 bicycles - which was enough to get the students excited, even though there were 30 kids in the group. Then, the crowd spotted something in the sky.

The students looked up and saw none other than Santa Claus, riding in a San Diego police helicopter, who waved at the crowd below. A voice came over the helicopter's public address speaker and boomed, "Ho ho ho!" The chopper then flew out of view, and minutes later, Santa appeared in person at Dewey. As the students gathered around, Santa had an announcement: not just five, but ALL of the kids in this group would be receiving brand-new bikes. 

Along with the new bicycle and helmets, students also received a fun, hands-on bike safety lesson presented by the police officers and volunteers from the SD Bike Coalition.

The third graders are part of a group of deserving students from Dewey who are "partnered up" with an SDUSD Police officer, who serves as a mentor and friend throughout the school year. As Dewey is so close to Naval Base Point Loma, many of these students come from military families, often with one parent deployed for several months at a time.

The SDUSD Police True Blue Buddies program and special events like this bike giveaway are just some examples of the district's commitment to serving military families and honoring them for their service every day.

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