San Diego schools celebrate Lunar New Year with colorful events

Posted: Monday, February 11th 2019

Last week, about 1.5 billion people around the world were getting ready to welcome the Year of the Pig. Here in San Diego, students at several schools were doing the same, as they prepared to celebrate the Lunar New Year.

Colorful celebrations and live performances of Asian music and dance were on display for the Lunar New Year, which begins on the new moon that appears every January or February and took place on February 5th this year. In China, you'll hear it being called chunjie (春节), or the Spring Festival, but it is also called Tet Nguyen Dan by Vietnamese, Sol by Koreans, Losar by Tibetans, and Tsagaan Sar by Mongolians.

Lunar New Year festivities not only celebrate the Chinese New Year, but also the Korean New Year, Vietnamese New Year (or Tet), and other Asian-Pacific cultural events. At Barnard Elementary, the school community came together for an all-day Lunar New Year celebration on Saturday, Feb. 9th that included food, games, music and dance performances that celebrated a variety of Asian cultures.

Other schools including Rosa Parks Elementary set aside time for lively celebratory events, marked by colorful costumes and performances.


San Diego's Chinese New Year celebration will be taking place next weekend, February 16th and 17th. More info can be found at

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