Point Loma students delivering supplies, hope to senior citizens in need

Posted: Friday, April 17th 2020

For San Diego’s most elderly residents, simply getting to the grocery store is a risk many are unable to take as the nation fights to slow the spread of Covid-19. But help is now just a click away, thanks to a highly motivated group of students from Point Loma High School.

Dozens of homes across the city have seen this quiet act of kindness as a teenager, wearing a protective mask, arrives to deliver a hefty assortment of food, household goods, and hygiene items to senior citizens in need.

With each bundle of bags carefully placed on a doorstep, another senior finds support and a reason to smile.

“When someone contacts me saying they need help, I reach out to my team and whoever is available grabs a mask, some gloves, and gets to shopping,” said Maddie Wozniak, a Point Loma junior and the founder of Store 2 Door SD.

“I started the organization to help seniors or those who can’t leave their houses to get groceries and necessities during this pandemic. It would mean a lot if I am able to help several people.”

Since launching in March, the Store 2 Door team has grown to 27 team members, most of whom are also Point Loma students.

For Wozniak, who also serves as one of San Diego Unified’s Student Ambassadors, the inspiration for Store 2 Door came quickly once she saw the effects of Covid-19 on daily life for San Diegans – including her own family.

“Both of my grandparents live with me and I have seen firsthand how they can’t leave the house,” Wozniak said. “When we were running out of groceries and every store was booked for deliveries, it was super stressful.”

The “human aspect” of the crisis also spoke to Wozniak and her friends: for seniors who were lonely before the coronavirus forced them into quarantine, many may now feel even more isolated.

“I saw a post on Twitter of an older man crying because he could not get the supplies he needed, and the thought that people were living like that made me sick to my stomach. So I texted my friends and they all said they wanted to help.”

The Store 2 Door service works by connecting those who need help with student volunteers through an online form. Seniors, or their loved ones, can submit a form online where a student rep will contact them to get a detailed shopping list. Payment is made through a secure online app or cash if necessary; patrons pay for the groceries, but there are zero fees or extra charges for the students’ services.

Nancy H., a Point Loma resident who has used the student-run service twice now, encourages others in need to reach out.

“Each time has been excellent,” Nancy said in a review. “They followed my list exactly and contacted me when substitutes were necessary. I so appreciate their kindness and willingness to serve us seniors.”

With no way of knowing how long the pandemic or its effects on day-to-day activities like shopping will last, Wozniak hopes Store 2 Door can help more seniors in need – but she needs help getting the word out.

“We created an Instagram that now has about 150 followers and people who want to help. I hope you are able to help me make a difference by spreading the word!”

For more info, see Store 2 Door online or follow them on Instagram.

Form where people can volunteer to help: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSe7PKHnW31Z245oIWzapy40yCXYOS_ehMXOUq8ctXwaBrling/viewform?usp=sf_link

Form where people can sign up to receive help: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSc7eHz6YNc6wZkmEI6Z2NH8okqqm_w2XHkHjy-DlIzwHrobnQ/viewform?usp=sf_link

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