Rosa Parks and Birney Elementary Named Two of The Healthiest Schools In The Nation

Posted: Wednesday, September 13th 2017

Two San Diego-area elementary schools have gotten an excellent grade: they’ve been named among the healthiest schools in the United States.

Rosa Parks Elementary School and Alice Birney Elementary School, both part of the San Diego Unified School District (SDUSD), received the prestigious National Healthy Schools Award from Alliance for Healthier Generations, which symbolizes a growing national movement to create healthier schools.

“We received official word two weeks ago, and we were able to publicize it with our staff and get our staff motivated to continue helping this year at Rosa parks,” said Veronica Lopez Mendez, principal of Rosa Parks Elementary School. “One of the first things we wanted to tackle was physical activity and what children consumed while on campus, so we went full force and launched our healthy celebration this last school year.”

Alliance for a Healthier Generations, an organization that empowers children to develop healthy lifelong habits, recognized 323 schools as the Healthiest Schools across the U.S.

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