Teaming up to serve those who serve us: Thanksgiving celebration for Hancock Elementary families

Posted: Friday, November 22nd 2019

Just in time for the Thanksgiving break, the Toby Wells YMCA, Mission Valley YMCA, San Diego Unified School Police and Family Engagement teams welcomed nearly 600 students and family members from Hancock Elementary to a full turkey dinner complete with raffles, games & activities, and more. Nearly all Hancock students are from military families, some with a parent deployed.

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State’s Top-Ranking Education Official Highlights San Diego Unified Successes, Appoints Superintendent Cindy Marten as Co-Chair of New Taskforce

Posted: Friday, November 22nd 2019

The new school year is less than three months old, but San Diego Unified has already been called one of the best districts in the nation for academic growth, a leader in the state for students of color, and a system others should replicate when it comes to closing the achievement gap.

It’s big news in San Diego - and the sort of thing that inspires the state’s top-ranking education official to fly in from Sacramento to see for himself.

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Nine years after his tragic death, second grader with big dreams still inspires schools’ wellness programs

Posted: Thursday, November 14th 2019

Walking into Central Elementary in City Heights, visitors will notice the school’s health and wellness clinic, a unique facility complete with multiple exam and treatment rooms. Within this welcoming space on the neighborhood school campus, a blue star in the center of the floor might go unnoticed.

The star lies not far from where second-grader Damareon Bracks once spent his days learning, laughing, and inspiring those around him. Today it marks the memory of his big dreams and zest for a life that was tragically cut too short.

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Momentous election puts student voice in the spotlight

Posted: Saturday, November 9th 2019

San Diego’s newest elected representative is eager to get to work.

Securing victory with a 56 percent majority of votes in last month’s runoff election, the new officeholder already has plans for many of the issues his constituents care about. He’s ambitious and optimistic about the future of his city, and more specifically, its schools.

He’s also in tenth grade.

Meet Zachary Patterson, University City High School sophomore and the first ever duly elected San Diego Unified student board member.

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San Diego gets its report card: District "outperformed the state and the country" in latest NAEP tests

Posted: Friday, November 1st 2019

Remember report card day, when every once in a while those grades would make it onto the refrigerator door as a proud display of hard-fought improvement or stellar work?

The U.S. Department of Education issued The Nation’s Report Card this week, and the San Diego Unified School District scored high marks, outperforming other large school districts in California and nationwide.

Additionally, San Diego Unified students made gains in some subjects that saw declines in almost every other big city.

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Parents take action: Event aims to connect volunteers with schools faster than ever

Posted: Friday, October 25th 2019

For those looking to make a lasting positive impact in their community, it may now be easier than ever.

The success of San Diego as a city depends on the success of its students – and there is no better way to guarantee that success than to get involved at your neighborhood school.

When parents volunteer at their child’s school, the rewards are immense and tangible, and include benefits such as higher graduation rates, higher test scores, and lower rates of childhood depression.

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The building boom transforming San Diego: New schools becoming city's modern landmarks

Posted: Friday, October 18th 2019

The physical landscape of San Diego is changing – and schools are leading the way.

With the passage of Measure YY on last year’s ballot, San Diego voters voiced their support for bringing local schools into the 21st century. As aging classroom buildings are refurbished or knocked down to make way for the new, state of the art facilities springing up in their place, communities are ushering in a new generation of San Diego landmarks.

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Meet these star students: San Diego Unified student athletes making a mark on and off the field

Posted: Thursday, October 10th 2019

Every school year, hundreds of San Diego teens take the field, step on the court, dive into the pool, and tee off for the very first time as a California Interscholastic Federation (CIF) student athlete.

As they join their more experienced teammates, the hundreds more who are returning to their sport from the previous school year, they bring with them hopes, dreams, and determination.

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San Diego Unified School Police Launch Student PSA Video Contest and Unveil Student Speaking Out Awareness Vehicle

Posted: Thursday, October 10th 2019

SAN DIEGO — The San Diego Unified School District's Police Services Department will kick off a contest Wednesday allowing students to create and submit a public service announcement about reporting crime.

The department partners with other school districts, law enforcement agencies and San Diego County Crime Stoppers to oversee the "Students Speaking Out" program, which encourages students to help keep schools safer by contacting law enforcement when they see suspicious or criminal activity. The program serves some 180,000 students in the city

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