New Year, new Harvest of the Month

Posted: Thursday, January 5th 2017

Five kids with guavas in their hand

Locally grown on San Gabriel Ranch in Valley Center, organic Bangkok guavas will be served on salad bars throughout San Diego Unified every Wednesday during January. 

These exotic fruits are packed full of vitamin C – one small fruit has a whole day’s worth of this important vitamin! Guavas are also a good source of fiber and are one of the few fruits known for its protein content. Tasty, sweet and colorful, these Bangkok variety of the fruit vary in color and size. The outside of the fruit can range from green to yellow and the inside of the fruit can range from white to pink. The seeds are extremely hard, so the best way to eat the fruit is starting from the outside (the peel is fine to eat!) and working your way in until you reach the seed pod in the middle. 

San Gabriel Ranch located 40 miles northeast of San Diego in Valley Center, CA. Farmer Per started the family farm in 1988, and now manages the farm with the help of his son Nick.  The 100-acre farm has more than 6,000 guava trees. They also farm avocados and various citrus. 

Each month, San Diego Unified's Food and Nutrition Services features a different, locally grown fruit or vegetable on salad bars. Students of all ages have been enjoying fresh and healthy choices on salad bars in San Diego Unified school cafés since 2003. The Harvest of the Month is part of the district's Farm to School program. To learn more about Farm to School and what is going on in your school café, sign up for the monthly Farm to School newsletter. Check out January’s edition here

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