Morse High physics teacher named National Math and Science Initiative Teacher of the Month

Posted: Thursday, January 30th 2020

Congratulations to Carlie Nemecek, an Advanced Placement® Physics teacher at Morse High School and The National Math and Science Initiative's January teacher of the month!

Every morning on the way to school, Carlie Nemecek’s dad asked, “What’s the science question of the day?” Her replies ranged from “Why do we sneeze?” to “Why does the rain drop on the windshield?”

Nemecek attributes her inquisitive nature to her father’s questions and encouragement.

“I spent so many days of my life thinking about what to ask my dad next,” says Nemecek, an Advanced Placement® Physics teacher at Morse High School in San Diego and NMSI’s January teacher of the month. “I developed an innate desire and quest for knowledge.”

These childhood experiences led Nemecek to pursue a physics degree at the University of California, San Diego. When she became a teaching assistant for a physics lab, Nemecek realized she is good at explaining the concepts to others. So many students began attending her tutoring sessions that it was necessary to schedule a classroom space in advance so they wouldn’t overwhelm the lab.

At 20 years old, Nemecek was teaching physics to students older than her, leading to this conclusion: “I have to be a teacher. This is what I’m called to do.”

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