Hickman Elementary student collects books for kids in Mexico

Posted: Tuesday, December 20th 2016

Hickman ES student Hayrum Rincon

Hayrum Rincon’s goal was to collect 100 books for kids in Mexico to help them learn English and avoid being bullied. 

With help from the community and other local schools, Rincon amassed more than 600 books to take with him to Mexico and distribute to kids over winter break. 

“I decided to do this because when my cousin came to my house from Mexico I was afraid he would use incorrect English words while talking to my friends and they would make fun of him,” Hayrum said. “I thought it would be a good idea for him to learn English from reading books and I want kids from Mexico (of all ages) to learn English. 

“My other cousin came here to learn English.  She had been bullied because she hadn’t been speaking English right,” Hayrum continued. “I don’t want anyone to be bullied about their language. So, I put an empty bin outside the main office for people to donate books to Mexico.”

Hayrum is a 10 year-old EL student at Hickman Elementary in Mira Mesa. According to staff, he is a charismatic young man who plays many important roles at Hickman, including safety patrol member. He also assists a group of Spanish speaking kindergarteners three times per week, who look up to him as he translates, demonstrates correct letter form and helps to sound out new words.  

“It is with much admiration the younger students view Hayrum and his patient way of helping,” said Hickman Principal Tobie Pace. “Hayrum has a perpetual smile on his face and a positive word for everyone he meets. He truly embodies the “Live, Learn, Lead Together” Hickman motto.”

More than 601 books were donated by the Hickman Community, Area Superintendent Lamont Jackson, Perry Elementary, Salk Elementary, and University City High School.  


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