Flowers and friendship bloom at Field Elementary

Posted: Monday, March 7th 2016

Gardening at Field Elementary School

The youngest students at Field Elementary School are finding friendship through the school's garden.

Every Thursday, students in grades Transitional Kindergarten through Second meet for an hour after school, making friends and tending the school's garden. Under the guidance of teachers Ann Boisvert and Maritza Ramirez, the students in the Field Friendship and Garden Club learn how to tell weeds from flowers, how to plant and water, and how to keep the garden looking healthy.

They also learn about growing relationships as humans, promoting kindness, respect, and friendship at school and in the community. Parents are also participating in the fun activities.

Located on the northern rim of the City of San Diego's Tecolote Canyon Natural Park in the Clairemont neighborhood, Field Elementary School offers a unique, dual-immersion English-Spanish curriculum.

Plans are to expand the Field Friendship and Garden Club to grades 3-5 in the future. Visit the school's website at for more information.

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