Reporter finds it's not so easy to be a school bus driver

Posted: Wednesday, April 27th 2016

Sergio Nevarez, San Diego Unified's Lead Bus Instructor, with reporter Jeff Zevely.

A reporter from San Diego's CBS 8 finds it's not so easy to be a school bus driver. Visiting San Diego Unified's Transportation Department on School Bus Drivers Appreciation Day, Jeff Zevely takes a driving lesson from Sergio Nevarez, San Diego Unified's Lead Bus Instructor. His performance... a grade that our students would understand: "Needs Improvement."

With a fleet of more than 400 buses, San Diego Unified transports more than 10,000 students in safety and comfort every day.

The Transportation Services department provides school bus transportation for students in VEEP/Magnet, Special Education, NCLB, ROP, non-public programs and field trips. The department focuses on the school bus as a true extension of the classroom.

Since 2009, San Diego Unified buses have carried equipment that reduces particulates from diesel exhaust, and since 2011 have used biodiesel mix in the fuel, further cutting exhaust. With more than 400 buses in the fleet, the district's transportation system is one of the largest in San Diego County. A 2011 Board of Education resolution supported efforts to use renewable resources and reduce the fleet's carbon footprint.


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