Articulation patterns strengthened with optional area phase-out, K-6 schools reconfigured

Posted: Tuesday, January 10th 2017

For students in eight areas of San Diego, the articulation pattern from elementary to middle and middle to high school is becoming clearer.

Students in these areas will soon have a single feeder pattern to follow from elementary to high school, which supports the continuity of K-12 programs for neighborhood students. Starting in 2017-18, students living in these optional areas will follow a single path from elementary to high school. The change was approved by the Board of Education at its Jan. 10 meeting

  1. Grant K-8 – Florence ES – Washington ES Optional Area – students will attend Grant K-8
  2. Grant K-8 – Dewey ES Optional Area – students will attend Grant K-8
  3. San Diego HS – Hoover HS Optional Area – students will attend San Diego High
  4. Hamilton ES – Rowan ES Optional Area – students will attend Hamilton
  5. Hoover HS – Crawford HS Optional Area – students will attend Hoover
  6. Crawford HS – Lincoln HS Optional Area – students will attend Crawford
  7. Henry HS – Crawford HS Optional Area – students will attend Henry
  8. Lewis MS – Mann MS Optional Area – students will attend Lewis

Students in these areas previously had the choice to attend an alternate school in the area. The optional areas that are being phased out are those where one option was being chosen overwhelmingly year after year. Phasing out the less popular option(s) will minimize any impact on school enrollments.  

Any existing students in the optional areas in question can continue to attend the option school they have chosen, as can any upcoming siblings who would attend school with the older child concurrently; therefore, the phase-out will only affect new students. New students who wish to attend the phased-out option in the future can apply through the district’s Choice program.

To streamline feeder patterns, the district continues to reduce the number of optional areas. In 2012-13, there were 25 optional areas (counting each level - elementary, middle and high - as a separate option), and as of this year, there are 19. With the change in these eight areas, there are 11 remaining. The remaining optional areas will be analyzed for potential phase-out in future years, depending on enrollment trends in those areas and capacity considerations, among other factors.

In addition to the optional area phase out, two elementary schools will transition from offering grades K-6 to offer grades K-5. Emerson/Bandini Elementary will transition in 2017-18 and Webster Elementary will transition in 2018-19. This transition will allow sixth-grade students to attend a three-grade-level middle school and gain access to multiple electives that are only available in middle school. 

Emerson/Bandini and Webster are the only remaining K-6 elementary schools in the district. 

For additional details on these changes, please visit Board Docs:   



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