The Board of Education recognizes that in addition to being academically prepared and fully proficient in English, all students benefit from being proficient in another language and opportunities to develop competencies in multiple languages enhance and contribute to their ultimate achievement.  Multilingualism enhances cognitive development, divergent and critical thinking, problem solving, as well as promotes communication and understanding in an increasingly global society.  The Board of Education further recognizes that the unique geographical location of San Diego indicates a need for providing rich opportunities to learn languages that hold importance for this region, as well as expanding opportunities for learning those less commonly taught, critical languages with economic and strategic significance.

The District is committed to providing language learning opportunities and options that

  • Build on student strengths, recognizing that home language and culture are valued resources that contribute to academic success;

  • Recognize academic knowledge transfers across languages providing access to learning both the core curriculum, and developing proficiency in the language(s) of instruction;

  • Include rigorous, research-based academic English language development instruction for all students;

  • Promote multicultural understanding and appreciation of cultural and linguistic diversity.

The District will make these language learning opportunities available to all students through a variety of articulated K-12 pathways. The research-based program options include:

  • Bilingual/Biliteracy programs

  • Language Immersion/Dual Language Immersion Programs

  • World language programs and courses: Beginning in grade seven, all students will be provided with access to World language courses aligned with the University of California a-g requirements

  • Language Enrichment programs, such as:

    • International Baccalaureate (IB), Primary Years

    • Foreign Language in the Elementary School

    • Extended Day Programs

The District will ensure that all language programs:

  • are staffed with highly qualified, certificated personnel,

  • provide access to technology as a tool for teaching and learning

  • utilize assessments that appropriately measure student progress toward program goal.

The District will align and dedicate resources to support professional development that ensures that all teachers are supported in researching, developing, and sharing rigorous, engaging, and culturally relevant curriculum, and to enhance effective instructional methods for the successful implementation of all language programs.


-Board Policy F-2599 adopted August 4, 2009