The exterior grounds of school campuses are an important factor in the educational environment. Our Landscape department provides landscaping and grounds maintenance to ensure that District grounds are in a safe condition for the use of students and the public. Well-groomed school landscapes can greatly enhance the appearance of a building and provide "curb appeal" for the students, parents and the surrounding neighborhood.

Landscape Services maintains your site with the following priorities in mind:

·         Irrigating plant material, making irrigation repairs and abiding by current water restrictions

·         Reducing and eliminating weed growth and performing Integrated Pest Management practices when needed.

·         Mowing of sports fields and functional lawns, maintaining and cleaning synthetic turf fields, along with annual athletic field renovations

·         Pruning plant material for safety and security reasons, and maintaining walkways and common areas of path of travel.

Landscape services are provided to elementary schools by central crews. Generally, each school receives 10 hours of gardening service every two weeks.

Secondary and High schools receive 12-14 hours of general gardening service every other week from central crews and site assigned staff. Mowing of lawns is a bi-monthly service and periodic renovation of athletic fields is conducted at all schools by central landscaping crews. Turf fields are groomed and cleaned every 7 weeks.

The District generally contracts with private tree trimming companies for emergency tree trimming and removal needs.  Routine tree trimming, under 20 feet is primarily done by in-house crews.

If you are interested in installing a vegetable garden, doing a campus beautification day, or other landscape related modifications, please refer to our self-help program for guidance and approval.

For any questions regarding Landscape Services, call PPO at (858) 627-7171 to be connected to a Landscape Supervisor.