San Diego Unified School District is dedicated to hiring the best qualified candidates available. The district is committed to equal employment opportunities for all persons.


Purpose of the Hiring Interview

The purpose of the interview is to provide a professional, equitable, and unbiased interview and selection process. The integrity of the interview team must be based on the highest ethical standards of the education profession.


Confidentiality Agreement

Members of the interview team must sign a confidentiality agreement. Candidates names, applications, and letters of reference are confidential. Interview questions, ratings, or impressions of the interview teams are also confidential. The interview team should not discuss names of candidates or any other information associated with the interview process. The interview team must agree to support the district’s fair and equal hiring and promotional practices. If a member of the team believes it is not possible to be objective, that member should excuse himself or herself from the process.


Interview Team

The hiring manager should establish an interview team and must review the interview and selection process with team members. Suggestions for selecting team members are as follows:
  • Not less than two (2) members on each interview team.
  • Variety of age, gender, and ethnicity on each interview team.
  • Include an employee in a similar position on the interview team.

Scheduling Interviews

The hiring manager or designee contacts candidates to schedule interviews.


Interview Materials

This packet includes the Interview Rating Sheet, Confidentiality Agreement, Interview Team Report, and Applicant Reference Check. These documents must be completed and returned to the Classification and Recruitment Unit, Room 1241, prior to the Personnel Action Request (PAR) being processed.


Prior to the Interview

  1. Interview team members will review the job description (available on the district’s web site at, site-specific criteria, test scores and rankings of candidates (if available).
  2. The hiring manager will provide a set of structured interview questions for review, using a format where the candidate does most of the talking by using open-ended questions rather than ones that solicit a “yes” or “no” response. Questions must be related to the job and/or the candidate’s qualifications. 

Do not ask questions regarding race, religion, age, sexual orientation, national origin, disabilities, family/marital status, child care arrangements, residence proximity, or personal/private matters.

The Interview 

  1. Advise the candidate of the time allowed and the number of questions to be asked. Stay within the allotted time for the interview.
  2. Members of the interview team should give candidates their undivided attention during the interview process and provide a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.
  3. Questions must be asked as they are written so that modifications will not lead to an unfair advantage.
  4. Clarification questions are appropriate, but probing questions which might influence answers are not appropriate.
  5. Rating of candidates’ knowledge, skills, and abilities to perform the job must be based on the job description and site specific criteria (if any). Personal bias should not enter into the evaluation.
  6. Interview team members may take notes during interviews regarding the knowledge, skills, and abilities of candidates for the position. All papers and notes must be given to the hiring manager for submission to the Classification and Recruitment Unit, Room 1241.
  7. The interview rating sheets should be completed independently. At the end of the interview, the interview team may discuss the candidates and the recommendation for selection. Such discussion shall be confidential and shall not be repeated or shared outside the interview team.
  8. The interview team members should be prepared to answer candidate’s questions about the district, the site, and the position.
  9. Questions asked by candidates related to salary, scoring, comparison of candidates, and terms and conditions of employment should be referred to the Classification and Recruitment Unit.

Reference Checks

After a selection has been made by the interview team, the hiring manager is strongly encouraged to check references and complete the Reference Check form for submission to the Classification and Recruitment Unit, Room 1241. For candidates who are current district employees, the hiring manager is highly encouraged to view the official district personnel file located in Human Resources, Room 1241.


Completion of Interview Process

  1. After the hiring manager makes the official job offer and the candidate accepts, the hiring manager must return the following documents to the Classification and Recruitment Unit, Room 1241, prior to the PAR being processed:
  • Applications, resumes, or reference letters provided by candidates.
  • Interview questions.
  • Signed Confidentiality Agreement.
  • Completed Interview Rating Forms and notes.
    Completed Applicant Reference Check form.
  • If the candidate is a current district employee, the hiring manger must contact the employee's current manager or supervisor to coordinate a start date.  (Generally two weeks notice is given.)  If the candidate works at a school site and the selection is made during the summer or when school is not in session, every effort should be made to contact the principal so that proper notification is given.
  • After the official offer has been made and the candidate has accepted, the hiring manager must complete and submit the appropriate PAR for the person selected, with the name and start date of the candidate selected.

    Candidates Not Selected

    The hiring manager must contact unsuccessful candidates.