Purpose and Scope


San Diego Unified School District serves more than 132,000 students in preschool through grade 12 and is the second largest district in California. The student population is extremely diverse, representing more than 15 ethnic groups and more than 60 languages and dialects. 226 educational facilities house over with 13,500 employees. More than 6,500 teachers are in classrooms at the district's various educational facilities, which include 117 traditional elementary schools, 9 K-8 schools, 25 traditional middle schools, 24 high schools, 49 charter schools, and 14 atypical/ alternative schools.

In February 2014, the SDUSD Board of Education (BOE) asked Superintendent Cindy Marten to form a 90-day task force, called the i21Now Committee, to develop a high-level framework of vision, opportunities, and recommendations that would build on the strengths of our nationally recognized i21 program and support our Vision 2020 long-term plan for today's learner and tomorrow’s worker and global citizen. The i21Now initiative represents the next phase of funding under Propositions S and Z, which support repairs, renovations, classroom technologies, safety and security upgrades, and more.


The 70 member i21 Now Committee held its final meeting at e3 Civic High March 19, 2014. This concluded a 90 day i21 Now process where committee members were tasked with formulating ideas and an unconstrained vision around next generation learning environments and delivery.

To learn more about the goals and outcomes of the committee's work, you can visit the website at www.i21Now.com.