The San Diego Unified School District Police Department Honor Guard (SDUSD PD HG) was established in 2017 and consists of four sworn police officer members.  Honor Guard Details are a direct symbol of our agency’s pride and respect to our Nation’s Colors. At any time, the detail can be available to support events and conduct training as directed. 

Honor Guard details were originally established to provide honors for officers killed in the line of duty, the SDUSD PD HG is now recognized as the Department’s official Ceremonial Unit.  Multifaceted, the detail is capable of performing routine duties such as traditional color guard functions, as well as coordinating and performing the intricate details inherent to military style funerals.

As a dedicated ceremonial unit, the SDUSD PD HG is consistently asked to provide a wide range of ceremonial functions at Department, City and civic events and provides training to outside agencies. SDUSD PD HG works collaboratively with San Diego County Law Enforcement Honor Guard to support various countywide events and services.