The SDUSD District Advisory Committee (DAC) for the GATE Department continues as an important vehicle for parent and community involvement in educational programs for gifted students. The GATE DAC is compromised of parent representatives from schools through out the district, and is designed to represent all geographical areas of the district as well as the GATE programs and the grade levels in which they are offered.

As a district wide group the GATE DAC is an important  asset for the GATE program. It opens communications between district administrators, local schools, and parents in innovative ways that fit each school's individual needs. In particular, it can provide constructive feedback from parents to stimulate continued growth in the GATE program.

GATE DAC representatives work with schools and GATE Team Leaders to coordinate efforts on parent development, to promote communication on GATE issues, and to enhance the school's GATE program. Examples include: publishing newsletters; establishing business partnerships; coordinating parents and professional who have special expertise; assisting site planning committees; participating in gifted education conferences.



2017-2018 GATE Advisory Committee Meeting Schedule
Meetings are from 6:30 - 8:00 at the Harold J. Ballard Parent Center Auditorium
2375 Congress Street
San Diego, CA  92110
Childcare and translation services provided as noted:
December 11, 2017 - Steering Committee - all welcome, no childcare or translation available
March 12, 2018 - Agenda for March 12, 2018
April 9, 2028 - Agenda for April 9, 2018
June 11, 2018 Steering Committee - all welcome, no childcare or translation available.


2017-2018 GATE DAC Handouts

GATE DAC hand-outs September 11, 2017

GATE DAC hand-outs October 9, 2017

Gate DAC hand-out November 13, 2017

GATE DAC hand-outs January 8, 2017

GATE DAC hand-outs  February 12, 2018

GATE DAC hand-outs March 12, 2018

 GATE DAC hand-outs April 9, 2018