Eligible employees may choose to participate in the Flexible Spending Accounts Plan (FSAs) allowed under Section 125 of the Internal Revenue Code.

Under the FSA Plan, eligible employees may redirect a portion of their pay check each month (except July and August) to their own personal Health Care FSA and/or Dependent Care FSA. The money redirected to the FSA will never be subject to Federal, State, Social Security or Medicare taxes.

As a participating employee incurs eligible out-of-pocket health or dependent care expenses, he/she simply pays the bill and submits a claim to the FSA Plan administrator for reimbursement. All employees must, within 31 days of becoming eligible, indicate whether they wish to participate in the FSA Plan by visiting the Employee Benefits Department.

The District changed it's third party administrator for the FSA Plan beginning January 1, 2015. The new administrator is American Fidelity Assurance.  Below are resources and links to the administrator's web site and the account login page where you can read about Flexible Spending Accounts, file claims, view a tutorial on a mobile application, create an account and login, view account activity, etc. 


Flexible Spending Account Administrator - American Fidelity:

Official Plan Document:
American Fidelity District Landing Page (pending)