How do San Diego Unified students take part in the free FC Barcelona clinics?

Free clinics will be held at schools across San Diego Unified starting this fall. Watch for information from your school principal and/or school athletic director.


When will the free SDUSD soccer clinics begin?

FC Barcelona’s free soccer clinics for SDUSD students will begin in September 2017. 


Who may sign up for FC Barcelona’s free soccer clinics?

SDUSD students only – both boys and girls between the ages of 6 and 16.  


Will there be a kick-off event of some kind for the free SDUSD soccer clinics?

There will be an opening ceremony for SDUSD on September 10, 2017.


How will the free soccer clinics be organized?

FC Barcelona will work closely with SDUSD’s Athletic Department to determine the themes, locations, and other details regarding the free soccer clinics.


When will the tuition-based program begin?

FC Barcelona’s tuition-based soccer program will begin in August 2017.


What is the cost of the tuition-based program?

There will be three tuition-based soccer program offerings this first season.

  • Program 1 costs $129 a month 
  • Program 2 costs $199 a month
  • Program 3 costs $ 229 a month 


How long do the tuition-based soccer programs last?

Each of the FC Barcelona tuition-based soccer programs run for 10 months – August 2017-June 2018.  


Where should students go to sign up for the tuition-based soccer programs?

Please visit: 


What is the discounted monthly rate on the tuition-based programs for SDUSD students?

The discount for all three programs is $34/month. 

  • Program 1 costs $95 a month
  • Program 2 costs $165 a month
  • Program 3 costs $195 a month

See the FCB Escola try out flier for more information.


What types of activities, on which days, for what hours, etc. will the tuition-based soccer programs be?

These are details that will soon be determined jointly by FC Barcelona and SDUSD.


Will the tuition-based soccer programs be held after school, during school hours, or on the weekends?

This will be determined in the next few months once planning begins between FC Barcelona and SDUSD’s Athletic Department.