A location is listed as “Above Action Level” if a drinking water sample taken at that location produces a test result of greater than 15 parts per billion (ppb), which is the action level established by the State Water Resources Control Board and the United States Environmental Protection Agency.

Locations marked with an asterisk indicate where drinking water sampling identified lead below the state and federal action level of 15 ppb, but above the district’s new internal action level of 5 ppb.

All drinking water outlets where lead is identified above the district’s action level of 5 ppb will be secured until remediation is complete.

One part per billion is equivalent to about one drop in an Olympic-sized swimming pool.

For more information about the district’s drinking water sampling program, please visit: www.sandiegounified.org/watersampling

To receive a copy of the lab report please contact the district safety office at safetyoffice@sandi.net or 858-627-7174.

Adams ElementaryBelow Action Level5/1/17
Alcott ECE *Below Action Level8/14/17
ALBABelow Action Level5/1/17
Alcott ElementaryBelow Action Level5/25/17
America's Finest Charter @ MeadBelow Action Level5/30/17
Angier Elementary *Below Action Level*
Below Action Level*
Resolved - Final Report
Arroyo Paseo Charter @ WilsonBelow Action Level5/1/17
Audubon K-8Below Action Level4/19/17
Ballard Center *Below Action Level5/1/17
Baker ElementaryBelow Action Level4/13/17
Balboa ElementaryBelow Action Level4/13/17
Bandini @ Emerson/Bandini ElementaryBelow Action Level5/10/17
Barnard Asian Pacific Language AcademyBelow Action Level6/9/17
Bay Park ElementaryBelow Action Level5/25/17
Bay Point ECEBelow Action Level10/12/17

Bayview CDC

Below Action Level7/10/17
Bell Middle SchoolBelow Action Level4/13/17
Benchley-WeinbergerBelow Action Level5/1/17
Bethune K-8Below Action Level4/13/17
Bird Rock ElementaryBelow Action Level
Above Action Level
Resolved -- Final Report
Birney Elementary6/11/18
Boone ElementaryBelow Action Level4/13/17
Brooklyn CDCBelow Action Level7/14/17
Burbank ECEBelow Action Level8/14/17
Burbank ElementaryBelow Action Level5/15/17
Cabrillo ElementaryBelow Action Level*
Above Action Level
Resolved -- Final Report
Cadman ElementaryBelow Action Level6/9/17
Carson ElementaryBelow Action Level5/19/17
Carver ElementaryBelow Action Level5/8/17
Central ECE *Below Action Level8/14/17
Central ElementaryBelow Action Level5/15/17
Challenger Middle SchoolBelow Action Level5/15/17
Chavez ElementaryBelow Action Level4/13/17
Cherokee Point ECEBelow Action Level8/14/17
Cherokee Point ElementaryBelow Action Level5/8/17
Chesterton ElementaryBelow Action Level
Below Action Level*
Resolved -- Final Report
Children's SchoolBelow Action Level6/22/17
Chollas-Mead ElementaryBelow Action Level*
Above Action Level
Clairemont High SchoolBelow Action Level5/15/17
Clark Middle SchoolBelow Action Level5/15/17
Clay ElementaryBelow Action Level
Below Action Level*
Correia MiddleBelow Action Level6/9/17
CPMABelow Action Level6/9/17
Crawford High SchoolBelow Action Level5/1/17
Crown Point ElementaryBelow Action Level5/25/17
Cubberley ElementaryBelow Action Level5/15/17
Curie ElementaryBelow Action Level5/25/17
Dailard ElementaryBelow Action Level5/1/17
Dana Middle SchoolBelow Action Level6/9/17
Darnall E-Campus CharterBelow Action Level5/15/17
De Portola Middle SchoolBelow Action Level5/15/17
Dewey ElementaryBelow Action Level6/9/17
Dingeman ElementaryBelow Action Level5/8/17
Doyle ElementaryBelow Action Level5/25/17
East Village High SchoolBelow Action Level5/8/17
E.B. Scripps ElementaryBelow Action Level5/8/17
Edison ECEBelow Action Level8/14/17
Edison ElementaryBelow Action Level5/25/17
Education CenterAbove Action Level8/14/17
Einstein Charter @ BrooklynBelow Action Level5/8/17
Emerson @ Emerson/Bandini ElementaryAbove Action Level
Resolved - Final Report
Encanto Elementary

Below Action Level
Above Action Level
Progress Report


Ericson Elementary

Below Action Level5/30/17
Euclid CDCBelow Action Level8/14/17
Euclid ElementaryBelow Action Level
Below Action Level*
Farb Middle School *Below Action Level5/15/17
Fay ElementaryBelow Action Level5/10/17
Field ElementaryBelow Action Level5/25/17
Fletcher CDCBelow Action Level7/10/17
Fletcher Elementary

Below Action Level*
Above Action Level
Resolved -- Final Report

Florence ElementaryBelow Action Level5/19/17
Foster ElementaryBelow Action Level5/1/17
Franklin Elementary

Below Action Level*
Below Action Level*

Freese ElementaryBelow Action Level4/13/17
Fulton K-8Below Action Level*
Above Action Level
Gage ElementaryBelow Action Level
Below Action Level*
Resolved -- Final Report
Garfield ECE *Below Action Level8/14/17
Garfield ElementaryBelow Action Level
Above Action Level
Garfield High SchoolBelow Action Level5/1/17
Golden Hill ECEBelow Action Level7/14/17
Golden Hill K-8Below Action Level5/15/17
Gompers Prep Academy CharterBelow Action Level5/1/17
Grant K-8Below Action Level5/1/17
Green ElementaryBelow Action Level5/1/17
Hage ElementaryBelow Action Level5/8/17
Hamilton ElementaryBelow Action Level5/30/17
Hancock ElementaryBelow Action Level5/8/17
Hardy ElementaryBelow Action Level5/1/17
Harriet Tubman Village Charter @ Muir *Below Action Level5/8/17
Hawthorne ElementaryBelow Action Level6/9/17
Hearst ElementaryBelow Action Level5/1/17
Henry High School *Below Action Level5/1/17
Hickman Elementary

Below Action Level*
Above Action Level

Holly Drive Leadership Academy @ WebsterBelow Action Level5/1/17
Holmes ElementaryBelow Action Level6/9/17
Hoover High SchoolBelow Action Level
Water Quality Concern -- Above Action Level
Below Action Level*
Horton ElementaryBelow Action Level4/13/17
Ibarra ECEBelow Action Level8/14/17
Ibarra ElementaryBelow Action Level5/15/17
Iftin CharterBelow Action Level5/1/17
Ingenuity CharterBelow Action Level6/9/17
Innovation Academy CharterBelow Action Level6/9/17
Innovation Middle SchoolBelow Action Level5/24/17
Instructional Media Center *Below Action Level8/14/17
Jefferson ElementaryBelow Action Level5/1/17
Jerabek ElementaryBelow Action Level5/25/17
Jones ElementaryBelow Action Level5/8/17
Johnson ElementaryBelow Action Level4/13/17
Joyner ECEBelow Action Level8/14/17
Joyner ElementaryBelow Action Level5/15/17
Juarez Elementary Below Action Level*
Below Action Level*
Kavod Charter SchoolBelow Action Level
Above Action Level
Kearny High SchoolBelow Action Level5/15/17
Keiller Leadership Academy Charter *Below Action Level5/1/17
Kennedy CDC *Below Action Level8/14/17
Kimbrough ECEBelow Action Level8/14/17

Kimbrough Elementary


Below Action Level*
Above Action Level
Resolved -- Final Report

King Chavez Group CharterBelow Action Level6/1/17
Knox MiddleBelow Action Level4/17/17
Kumeyaay ElementaryBelow Action Level5/15/17
La Jolla ElementaryBelow Action Level5/25/17
La Jolla High SchoolBelow Action Level
Below Action Level*
Resolved -- Final Report
Lafayette ElementaryBelow Action Level5/25/17
Language Academy

Below Action Level
Below Action Level*
Resolved -- Final Report

Lewis Middle SchoolBelow Action Level5/1/17
Lincoln High SchoolBelow Action Level4/19/17
Lindbergh/Schweitzer Elementary East *Below Action Level5/25/17
Lindbergh/Schweitzer Elementary WestBelow Action Level5/25/17
Linda Vista ElementaryBelow Action Level5/8/17
Logan ECEBelow Action Level8/14/17
Logan K-8Below Action Level5/15/17
Loma Portal ElementaryBelow Action Level6/9/17
Longfellow K-8Below Action Level5/25/17
Madison High SchoolBelow Action Level5/25/17
Mann MiddleBelow Action Level
Above Action Level
Marcy SchoolBelow Action Level6/9/17
Marshall ECE *Below Action Level8/14/17
Marshall ElementaryBelow Action Level5/15/17
Marshall MiddleBelow Action Level5/8/17
Marston MiddleBelow Action Level6/9/17
Marvin ElementaryBelow Action Level5/1/17
Mason ElementaryBelow Action Level5/8/17
McKinley ECE*Below Action Level8/14/17
McKinley Elementary

Below Action Level
Below Action Level*
Resolved -- Final Report

Memorial Prep Middle SchoolBelow Action Level5/1/17
Millennial Tech Middle (MTM)Below Action Level4/19/17
Miller Elementary *Below Action Level5/8/17
Mira Mesa High SchoolBelow Action Level5/25/17
Miramar Ranch ElementaryBelow Action Level5/8/17
Mission Bay High SchoolBelow Action Level5/30/17
Mission Bay Montessori/AppleseedBelow Action Level6/9/17
Montezuma CDCAbove Action Level
Resolved -- Final Report
Montgomery Middle SchoolBelow Action Level5/24/17
Morse High SchoolBelow Action Level4/19/17
Mt. Everest Academy *Below Action Level5/30/17
Muir K-12Below Action Level6/9/17
Muirlands Middle SchoolBelow Action Level5/25/17
Normal Heights ElementaryBelow Action Level5/8/17
Nye ElementaryBelow Action Level4/19/17
O'Farrell CharterBelow Action Level5/1/17
Oak Park ElementaryBelow Action Level4/19/17
Ocean Beach ElementaryBelow Action Level
Below Action Level *
Pacific Beach ElementaryBelow Action Level
Above Action Level
Pacific Beach Middle SchoolBelow Action Level6/9/17
Paradise Hills ElementaryBelow Action Level4/17/17
Pacific View Leadership ElementaryBelow Action Level4/19/17
PB Center *Below Action Level8/14/17
Penn ElementaryBelow Action Level5/1/17
Perkins ECE *Below Action Level8/14/17
Perkins K-8Below Action Level
Below Action Level*
Perry Elementary *Below Action Level4/13/17
Pershing MiddleBelow Action Level5/1/17
Physical Plant OperationsBelow Action Level8/14/17
Point Loma High SchoolBelow Action Level6/9/17
Porter Elementary (North)Below Action Level4/19/17
Porter Elementary (South)Below Action Level4/19/17
Revere CenterAbove Action Level8/14/17
Riley/New DawnBelow Action Level5/30/17
Rodriguez ElementaryBelow Action Level5/1/17
Rolando Park ElementaryBelow Action Level4/13/17
Roosevelt MiddleBelow Action Level4/24/17
Rosa Parks ElementaryBelow Action Level5/15/17
Ross ElementaryBelow Action Level5/8/17
Rowan ElementaryBelow Action Level4/19/17
Jonas Salk ElementaryBelow Action Level5/30/17
San Diego High SchoolBelow Action Level5/1/17
Sandburg ElementaryBelow Action Level5/8/17
SCPABelow Action Level5/1/17
Scripps Ranch High SchoolBelow Action Level5/8/17
SD Global Vision Academy @ AdamsBelow Action Level5/1/17
SD Cooperative Charter @ Linda Vista *Below Action Level5/25/17
SD Cooperative Charter #2 @ BandiniBelow Action Level4/19/17
SD Cooperative Charter #2 @ Emerson4/25/17
SD French-Amer. @ DecaturBelow Action Level6/9/17
Seaside PreschoolBelow Action Level
Above Action Level
Serra High SchoolBelow Action Level5/8/17
Sequoia ElementaryBelow Action Level5/30/17
SESI (Springall)Below Action Level6/9/17
Sessions ElementaryBelow Action Level5/30/17
Sherman ElementaryBelow Action Level5/1/17
Silver Gate ElementaryBelow Action Level5/30/17
Solomon CDCBelow Action Level8/14/17
Spreckels ElementaryBelow Action Level5/30/17
Standley Middle SchoolBelow Action Level5/30/17
Sunset View ElementaryBelow Action Level6/9/17
Supply Center *Below Action Level8/14/17
Taft Middle *Below Action Level5/8/17
Thrive CharterBelow Action Level4/19/17
Tierrasanta ElementaryBelow Action Level5/25/17
Toler ElementaryBelow Action Level6/9/17
Torrey Pines ElementaryBelow Action Level6/9/17
TransportationBelow Action Level8/14/17
Twain MainBelow Action Level5/8/17
Twain @ Mira Mesa High SchoolBelow Action Level5/25/17
Twain @ MorseBelow Action Level5/24/17
Valencia Park ElementaryBelow Action Level4/19/17
University City High School *Below Action Level5/24/17
Vista Grande ElementaryBelow Action Level5/25/17
Vista Hill *Below Action Level6/9/17
Walker CDCBelow Action Level7/14/17
Walker ElementaryBelow Action Level5/8/17
Wangenheim MiddleBelow Action Level5/8/17
Washington ElementaryBelow Action Level5/1/17
Webster Elementary

Below Action Level
Above Action Level
Resolved -- Final Report

Wegeforth CDC *Below Action Level8/14/17
Wegeforth ElementaryBelow Action Level
Above Action Level
Resolved -- Final Report
Whitman ElementaryBelow Action Level6/9/17
Whittier Center *Below Action Level6/9/17
Wilson Middle SchoolBelow Action Level5/15/17
Zamorano ElementaryBelow Action Level4/19/17