If school samples have test results of less than or equal to 15 parts per billion (ppb), no further testing is needed, as established by the State Water Resources Control Board via the Division of Drinking Water. As a proactive measure, the district-wide flushing protocol will remain in effect.

If school samples have a test result of greater than 15 parts per billion (ppb), the outlet has a lead level that exceeds the Action Level established by the State Water Resources Control Board via the Division of Drinking Water and will be removed from service.

One part per billion is equivalent to about one drop in an Olympic-sized swimming pool.

Adams ElementaryPending4/17/17
Angier ElementaryPending4/24/17
Arroyo Paseo Charter @ WilsonPending4/24/17
Audubon K-8Below Action Level4/19/17
Ballard CenterPending4/24/17
Baker ElementaryBelow Action Level4/13/17
Balboa ElementaryBelow Action Level4/13/17
Bell MiddleBelow Action Level4/13/17
Bethune K-8Below Action Level4/13/17
Boone ElementaryBelow Action Level4/13/17
Carson ElementaryPending4/24/17
Chavez ElementaryBelow Action Level4/13/17
Chesterton ElementaryPending4/24/17
Chollas-Mead ElementaryPending4/17/17
Clay ElementaryPending4/17/17
Crawford High SchoolPending4/17/17
Dailard ElementaryPending4/17/17
Emerson @ Emerson/Bandini ElementaryAbove Action Level3/29/17
Encanto ElementaryBelow Action Level4/13/17
Florence ElementaryPending4/24/17
Foster ElementaryPending4/17/17
Franklin ElementaryPending4/17/17
Gage ElementaryPending4/17/17
Green ElementaryPending4/17/17
Hardy ElementaryPending4/17/17
Hoover High SchoolPending4/17/17
Horton ElementaryBelow Action Level4/13/17
Freese ElementaryBelow Action Level4/13/17
Fulton K-8Below Action Level4/13/17
Garfield High SchoolPending4/24/17
Gompers Prep Academy CharterPending4/17/17
Grant K-8Pending4/24/17
Hearst ElementaryPending4/24/17
Henry High SchoolPending4/24/17
Holly Drive Leadership Academy @ WebsterPending4/24/17
Iftin CharterPending4/17/17
Jefferson ElementaryPending4/24/17
Johnson ElementaryBelow Action Level4/13/17
Keiller Leadership Academy CharterPending4/24/17
Knox MiddlePending4/17/17
Lewis MiddlePending4/24/17
Lincoln High SchoolBelow Action Level4/19/17
Mann MiddleBelow Action Level4/13/17
Marvin ElementaryPending4/24/17
McKinley ElementaryPending4/24/17
Memorial Prep Middle SchoolPending4/17/17
Millennial Tech Middle (MTM)Below Action Level4/19/17
Morse High SchoolBelow Action Level4/19/17
Nye ElementaryBelow Action Level4/19/17
O'Farrell CharterPending4/17/17
Oak Park ElementaryBelow Action Level4/19/17
Paradise Hills ElementaryPending4/17/17
Pacific View Leadership ElementaryBelow Action Level4/19/17
Penn ElementaryPending4/17/17
Perry ElementaryBelow Action Level4/13/17
Pershing MiddlePending4/24/17
Porter Elementary (North)Below Action Level4/19/17
Porter Elementary (South)Below Action Level4/19/17
Rodriguez ElementaryPending4/17/17
Rolando Park ElementaryBelow Action Level4/13/17
Roosevelt MiddlePending4/24/17
Rowan ElementaryBelow Action Level4/19/17
San Diego High SchoolPending4/24/17
SD Global Vision Academy @ AdamsPending4/24/17
SD Cooperative Charter #2 @ BandiniBelow Action Level4/19/17
SD Cooperative Charter #2 @ Emerson4/25/17
Sherman ElementaryPending4/24/17
Thrive CharterBelow Action Level4/19/17
Valencia Park ElementaryBelow Action Level4/19/17
Washington ElementaryPending4/24/17
Webster ElementaryBelow Action Level4/13/17
Wegeforth ElementaryPending4/24/17
Zamorano ElementaryBelow Action Level4/19/17