As the 2nd largest school district in the State of California, San Diego Unified School District serves over 132,000 students every year.  Although the visual and performing arts are growing steadily in SDUSD during these difficult financial times, we will be unable to continue to provide these valuable services without donations from the community.

There are many ways you can make a difference. VAPA is collecting donations of materials, equipment, and money to support our VAPA students and teachers, compliant with Administrative Procedure 9300. By donating you are helping to give SDUSD students the creative edge they need to succeed.

A special THANK YOU to our 2014-2015 donors:
Guitars in the Classroom Guitars in the Classroom
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Arts Attack: visual art kits for grades K-5. This curriculum is California Standards-based, grade-specific and includes teaching DVD's and art prints for instructional support.

  • $3,800 funds one AA kit for one elementary school
  • $650 funds one AA kit for one grade level

Grade Level Arts Experience (GLAE) Project: 4-prong instructional model with the intent to provide every SDUSD student (K-6) a variety of FREE grade-level-appropriate, meaningful, arts experiences, reflective of the VAPA standards and presented by trained, professional artists and trained classroom teachers. Partnerships include: Classics for Kids (grade 2), The Timken Museum of Art (grade 3), San Diego Symphony (grade 4), and Mingei International Museum of Art (grade 6).

  • $185 funds one bus of students to an event



Instrumental Music Programs (year-long): instruction in instrumental music is provided to 100% of elementary schools in SDUSD at the upper grade levels. School sites may select from 3 instructional programs depending on their needs. Musical instruments are provided by the District for students who request them.

  • $7 funds one student method book
  • $20 funds one folding music stand
  • $5 funds one recorder
  • $200 funds one elementary school's instrumental music program including reeds, strings, valve oil, etc.
  • $250 - $800 funds one new musical instrument depending on the type



Music Memory: sponsored by San Diego Winds, this program gives students in grades 3-6 an in-depth study of 16 selections of symphonic music per year. The program introduces students to melody, musical terms, definitions, instrumental and vocal tone colors, musical form and historical and cultural significance. The culminating project is an invitational "music bee" similar to a spelling bee for the top scoring students from each school across the District. Live music for the final event provided by SDSU orchestra.

  • $200/year funds materials and CD's for one classroom teacher
  • $185 funds one bus of students to the final "music bee"



Teaching Artists Project (TAP): VAPA provides trained teaching artists in dance, music, theatre and visual art to provide quality arts instruction to individual sites who are able to fund the program.

  • $4,000 funds one Teaching Artist for 9 weeks of instruction for 5 classes







SDSU Music Education Fellowship:  Provides a music classroom with a local guest music assistant for one year.

  • $5,000 funds one university student for one year



Young Men in Harmony: sponsored by Pacific Coast Barbershop Harmony group, includes vocal clinics, workshops and performance opportunities for young men in SDUSD, hosting the annual Real Men Sing events.

  • $25 will fund one young man to attend a Real Men Sing clinic
  • $100 will send one young man to a regional competition
  • $1,000 will bring a barbershop quartet to 2 schools plus one evening performance



District Student Art Exhibition: annual show at the Eugene Brucker Education Center celebrating over 1,000 student artists in a variety of genres from across the district grades K-12.

  • $200 funds one portable 72"x48" display panel
  • $250 funds one elementary classroom with all the materials they need to complete 9 weeks of visual art
  • $500 funds basic visual art materials for one secondary classroom for one year
  • $600 funds a 3-panel folding screen for displaying artwork

Festivals: provides opportunities for students to process and analyze their performance, be adjudicated by lead educators, experience other student performances and to derive meaning from a comprehensive arts experience; includes the recorder festival, music solo and ensemble festivals, ImprovFest and TechFest.

  • $5 will purchase a recorder for one student
  • $10 will send one student to the solo and ensemble music festival
  • $25 will send one student to a theatre festival
  • $30 will send an ensemble of students to the solo and ensemble music festival

Honor Concerts and Productions: provides band, orchestra, choral, and theatre opportunities for proficient and advanced students to learn and perform challenging repertoire rehearsed and directed by leading arts educators, and to experience a high level of performance with peers.

  • $20 funds one advanced arts student to participate in one of these opportunities
  • $50 funds one Wenger music stand
  • $400 funds one section of a 4-step choral riser (4 sections needed per school)



Take Five Music Listening Program: provides daily listening activities for students including a variety of musical genres, ensembles and instrumentation. 5-minutes each day strengthens student listening skills and brings musical literacy to students who would otherwise not receive the experience.  

  • $150 one-time purchase funds one kit



Donations of materials and equipment include:

  • Musical instruments and accessories
  • Costumes
  • Props
  • Visual art supplies
  • Scripts and sheet music

Drop off your donations at:


SDUSD VAPA Department


Instructional Supply Center

2441 Cardinal Lane
San Diego,   CA  92123



Call: 858.256.2700 for more information




Checks can be made payable to: 

  • San Diego Unified School District VAPA Department
  • San Diego Education Fund #2037 (Honor Concerts and Productions donations only)