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COVID-19 Testing

COVID-19 Testing at Schools

Responsive Lab Partners medical professionals, will be at all San Diego Unified schools to conduct COVID-19 testing for students and staff, free of charge.

For safety reasons, there is no walk up testing at any school for staff and students who do not attend that school. No staff or student should go to a different school expecting to test, especially if they have symptoms (itinerant staff, please sign up and test at one school). Staff or students from other schools who have symptoms or need a test to return should seek a test at either our Ed Center testing facility, through their own insurance, or at a county testing facility.


Please see schedule below:


Opt-In to Regular, On-site Testing
All students are encouraged to participate in regular, on-site COVID-19 testing. Free Covid testing in school not only helps prevent the spread of the virus, but it also helps more students stay in school and continue their education.

If you have not already opted-in for your student(s), please follow these steps for regular, on-site testing.

  1. Complete the opt-in process to allow the testers to conduct weekly testing. 

  2. Register and consent in the Primary.Health Portal in order to be tested.

Symptomatic Testing

Student: If your student has symptoms, please stay home and call your school site to report your absence.

Staff: If you have symptoms, please stay home and call your supervisor.

To get a COVID-19 test, please note you should only go to certain sites. Please do not sign up and go to your usual school. PCR/NAAT tests are being discontinued at all testing facilities. The sites where students and staff with symptoms can go is:

Please isolate until your test results are available.

For information about results, please see here.

Directions for onsite testing
Go to the Primary Health Portal to register. Please sign the consent in the portal and select the school that you or your child attends. No subsequent appointments are necessary.

Paper Consent FormEnglish | Spanish | Tagalog | Vietnamese | Arabic | Somali | Swahili

Additional Testing Resources

  1. Contact your family doctor

  2. Kaiser Members: Visit www.kp.org

  3. County of San Diego Site: Visit 211sandiego.org or call 2-1-1

  4. San Diego County Locationhttps://bit.ly/30wZP5d 

  5. MTS Transit testing locationhttps://testsd.io/testing-locations/

  6. Free At-Home Tests: Residential households in the U.S. can order one set of 4 free at-home tests from https://special.usps.com/testkits 

  7. School Based Health Centers: 
    Central Elementary School Based Health Center – Mid City Clinic
    4063 Polk Ave, San Diego, CA 92105 
    Call for Appointment: 619-280-2058

    Rosa Parks Elementary School Based Health Center – Mid City Clinic
    4510 Landis St, San Diego, CA 92105
    Call for Appointment: 619-280-2058 

Testing Results

testing results