True Blue Buddies

Each year, our Police Services Department selects an elementary school to recieve our True Blue Buddies Progam.  Through a generous grant from Target, our officers mentor a group of thirty students to build a bridge between the students, their families and our officers.  Throughout the school year, our officers participate in several events alongside the selected students.  The first event occurs in August, where the officers take their student mentee to Target for a back to school shopping spree followed by a back to school barbeque.  The second event, a family-style Thanksgiving Dinner, the students, their family, and the officers enjoy a turkey dinner together at the school site while enjoying various entertainment acts.  Before winter break, the officers surprise the students with a bike rodeo teaching students how to safely ride bicycles, helmet laws, and rules of the road then surprise each student with a bicycle of their own to keep!  The last event is hosted at the Habor Police Shelter Island location where the students learn all about the job of a Habor Police Officer.  They even get to go for a ride on one of the harbor police boats and learn how to put out a boat fire with the powerful boat hose.



Coffee with the Cops

To strengthen our community relations, various school sites within San Diego Unified School District host our Coffee with the Cops Series.  This series highlights the who, what, when, where, why, and how of the school police services department.  Our Field Sergeants, Campus Police Officers, and Patrol Officers come out to the various sites to share and connect with students, staff, families, and community members answering any questions or concerns the attendees may have.   Together you will:

  • learn how our SDUSD Police Officers keep our school climates safe and worthy of our students
  • identify community safety concerns
  • be provided resources for youth and their families. 

If you are interested in bringing this series to your school site or school community, please contact Acting Captain Dan Palkovic at .


Police Interactions with Youth (PIY) Program

A new student-safety education program called Police Interaction with Youth (PIY) is offered at various San Diego Unified school sites.  PIY was designed by the San Diego Unified School District Police Department as a decision making program to educate students about those laws that are relevant to their age (Internet predators, bullying, truancy, etc.) and providing them with the ability and motivation to make proper choices when faced with peer group pressure.  PIY will also inform students about gang violence and provide the students with conflict resolution skills and general fire safety and disaster preparedness information.  They will learn how to develop positive self-esteem and the negative consequences associated with controlled substance and alcohol abuse.

San Diego Unified School District Police Officers serve as positive role models for the students and are obviously well versed on the subject matter to be taught.  Moreover, relating to students in a classroom setting helps to develop a rapport that promotes positive attitudes toward the police and a greater respect for authority in general.  Click here for a brief description of the courses being provided to the students.

Schools, law enforcement, and the community are important components of the partnership needed to help the PIY program achieve its goals.  The other and most important component is the child’s parents/guardians and community involvement in the program.  The police department looks forward to working with you and your child during this school year to discuss a variety of issues that interest them.  If you have any questions or comment regarding this program, please call Officer J. Gonzales at (619)266-6530 x 2542.