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Integrated Youth Services Division

Integrated Youth Services Division

The Integrated Youth Services Division is building educational agency, access, equity and success by

designing meaningful interactions and innovative practices for all students.

Students in Integrated Youth Services


Empower, engage and inspire the development of students' agency, resilience and voice by providing systematic services that maximize academic success, college/career and life readiness


Promote student educational success through the implementation of integrated youth services that align the journey of success for and with ALL SDUSD children and youth through:

  • Inter-department collaboration
  • Systematic program planning
  • Intentional services alignment
  • Integrated Multi-Tiered System of Support (IMTSS) Integration

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Dr. Noemi Villegas
Instructional Support Officer
Integrated Youth Services



Lisa Sheldon
Operations Specialist
Integrated Youth Services

 Elizabeth Esparza                Administrative Assistant           Integrated Youth Services        619.725.7191                eesparza@sandi.net

Eugene Brucker Education Center
4100 Normal Street
Room 2108
San Diego, CA 92103
FAX 619.725.7319

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