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Deaf and Hard of Hearing (D/HH)


The San Diego Unified School District is a place where the diversity of deaf and hard of hearing students is recognized and celebrated. English (spoken and/or written) and American Sign Language are equally valued, used, taught, and learned from early childhood to adult life. All students are engaged in curriculum based on the California Standards with accommodations made based on each student's assessed needs. The District DHH program with its rich literacy and language approach will provide a challenging learning environment that prepares each child for a meaningful and productive life in an evolving world.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide an empowering social and academic environment for deaf and hard of hearing students. Instruction follows evidence-based best practices for deaf and hard of hearing students as language learners. The District supports programs that focus on each student's assessed area of need as identified through the Individualized Educational Planning process. The District further supports continual program improvement through professional development and ongoing parental and community involvement.

Contact Information

D/HH Program

Low Incidence


Cory Hoffman

Lead Teacher

[email protected]

Joel Firks

Supvr-Interpreter/ Transcriber

[email protected]

Audiology Assessment Center



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