Word Training

Here you will find resources and information about Microsoft Word training classes offered to San Diego Unified employees.

Word 2013 and 2016 are covered in these classes.

Class - Introduction to Word

Class - Advanced Word

Word Training Exercise Files:

The Word files posted below are used in the Advanced Word training classes. You will need to do a Save As and Save each of these Word files to your computer:

Exercises 3.0 - 3.2

Exercises 4.0 - 5.1

Word Training Videos:

(Closed Captioning is not in use in these videos)

How to Use the Built-In Word Calculator

How to Move Text Faster, with the F2 Button

How to Create an Automatic Table of Contents

How to Create an Automatic Index

How to Turn Text or Graphics into a Hyperlink to a Web Page

How to Use OLE (Object Linking & Embedding with an Excel Chart)

How to Create Basic Calculating Formulas in a Table

How to Use Different Types of Tabs and Tab Settings

Mail Merge Part 1 - Set Up the Merge

Mail Merge Part 2 - Complete the Merge

How to Use Building Blocks as a Great Shortcut

How to Create Interactive Online Forms with Content Control Fields

How to Record and Edit a Macro for an Automated Signature

How to Use the "Track Changes" Feature (record & keep track of any editing you do, as though you're using a red pen)