Programs and Services

Ascending Scholars

A ten-week curriculum designed for African American male/female students inclusive of culture, history, self-esteem building, career exploration and goal setting. Grades 5-12.

Diversity Workshops

Diversity Workshops are offered throughout the year, district-wide, to all departments and school staffs.

Hombre Noble Project

A ten-week "Circulo de Hombres" curriculum designed for Latino/Latina students inclusive of culture, history, self-esteem building, career exploration and goal setting. Grades 5-12.

Mediation Services

Mediation services are provided to all district employees. Any disagreement or dispute that disrupts the educational program (i.e. staff-to-staff, staff-to-student, or school/community) can be referred to the Race/Human Relations & Advocacy staff for assistance. The staff is trained in the mediation process and has experience working in conflict resolution. All assistance is provided under the strictest level of confidentiality and handled in a professional manner.

Racial/Cultural Crisis Intervention Education

Any racial incident that disrupts the educational program and affects the emotional stability of students or staff is designated a crisis. The Race/Human Relations & Advocacy staff are trained to deal with large-scale racial conflicts that permeate the entire school. Issues handled by the team are sometimes broad and may be volatile. School site and R/HR&A personnel try to determine the cause of the problem and work cooperatively to develop a proactive action plan. Additional staff may be assigned for a specific period of time to carry out the plan and provide on-going support and assistance.

Staff Development

Race/Human Relations & Advocacy provides on site training to school sites upon request on any of the programs offered by the department. In addition, the department offers staff team-building and staff-inservive training to school sites.

Student Advocate Program

Student Advocacy focuses on the expansion and implementation of strategies serving underperforming students. The Student Advocacy Program was established in 2000-01 incorporating the Improving the Academic Achievement of African American Students (IAAAAS) Program and the Latinas/Latinos Achieving More Academically (LLAMA) Advocacy Program to provide additional opportunities for program expansion as well as a more effective use of resources.

Violence Prevention

Violence prevention/intervention is automatically embedded into each of our programs that the department provides, but we also provide violence prevention/intervention outside of our programs as well. We provide mediations, gang prevention/interventions, and assistance to the San Diego School Police and San Diego Police Department when violence has affected a student and/or school campus.