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SEA Recap: 2021-22 School Year

Zoom screenshot of Students

Established in 2017, Student Equity Ambassadors (SEA) is a district-sponsored leadership program which brings San Diego Unified high school students together to collaborate on creating positive change in their schools.

Throughout the year, SEA members met regularly to initiate projects and work with district leaders to find solutions to challenges facing students, including topics such as mental health awareness, gender and racial equity, curriculum and program offerings.

While providing a boost to student voice across the district, the program also helps students hone their communication and leadership skills.

Several Student Equity Ambassadors recently reflected on their experiences over the past school year, including their goals, accomplishments, and next steps:


"I got involved in SEA in hopes of finding a way to help implement positive change into the school district. I have been working on implementing mental health workshops and forums into schools to help better students' mental environment. I feel this is important to help students feel less alone and get the help they deserve before it is too late.

SEA creates new connections by forming groups of people with similar goals in helping of inspiring change. In my group, I have made 2 new friends and fostered relationships with district leaders."
- Clementine M., Scripps Ranch High School


"I got involved in SEA because I wanted (and still want) to contribute my ideas and help implement goals in various categories to make our school district system better, and to make sure all student voices are heard. My group and I have been working to better communicate mental health resources to students, parents, and teachers.

We have also been working towards creating a mental health workshop or club in each school (student-led with district-approved presentation), school forums for every school, and more. When working with others towards a coming goal that we are each of us passionate about, we create a sort of bond that surpasses regular “acquaintance” type bonds and it improves the school community as a whole."
- Brooke W., Patrick Henry High School


"I heard about SEA from the district, through the "Class of 2023" Google Classroom, as well as in my school email account. I have been working in curriculum, particularly with trying to improve language courses, implement a financial literacy program, and propose new book selections for English/History classes, to improve diversity and gain multiple perspectives.

I joined because this is a worthwhile experience, to plan and to see one's visions for a better school district come to fruition. You have made a difference, you shall grow as a person, and all shall benefit from it."
- Nathan M., Scripps Ranch High School


"I wanted to help my district, be informed of the issues, meet people like Zachary Patterson, board members and other district officials, and help my fellow students and learn about the system in which the district operates. SEA creates connections and fosters a sense of community for students, because it breaks the lines of separation and separate spheres in each school... I rarely get to meet students from other schools in the district. But with the SEA we share a common goal and creates a good sense of community of those who want to help."
- Jacob R., Mira Mesa High School


"I have had the immense honor of working with Board Trustees, passionate district members, and brilliant students. Last year, I was co-leader of the Gender Empowerment Team with four main goals:

1) Diversify social studies curriculums to include female and queer figures in English and History classes,
2) Draft a new, gender-neutral dress code to be peer-reviewed by students as well as admin and spread districtwide,
3) Have the option to put pronouns in the student database to normalize respecting gender identity, and
4) Create a menstrual equity campaign for the district with the goal of offering support and resources as schools create finance plans to adhere to Bill AB-367 (requiring menstrual products supplied in 6-12th grade public schools & public universities).

In especially sad and infuriating times, it has been such an uplifting experience to be a part of SEA and hear about the change people want in our district. It is humbling and invigorating to be around such incredible activists, and to feel supported in my efforts to continue progressing our district."
- Zoe G., Point Loma High School