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San Diego Unified School District
ASB District Contacts, Tracks Contact and Supplies
Contact Department Area of Focus Phone Email
Cheryl Roberts Fiscal Control Banking Support 619-725-7682 [email protected]
Alicia Rolfe Fiscal Control Secondary Contact 619-725-7672 [email protected]
Cheryl Roberts Fiscal Control ASB Banking Supplies (Checks & Deposit Slips) 619-725-7682 croberts@sandi.net
Susan Jarrold Fiscal Control ASB Audits 619-725-5697 [email protected]
Patricia Toledo Fiscal Control ASB Audits 619-725-7667 [email protected]
Ivan Villanueva Fiscal Control ASB Audits 619-725-7561 [email protected]
Margaret Gomes Financial Accounting ASB Quickbooks Billing Fact Sheets 619-725-7742 mgomes@sandi.net
Stacey Seiders Office of Secondary Education Secondary ASB Programs 619-725-7125 [email protected]
Joe Tedesco Material Control Stock Items see below 858-522-5862 [email protected]
Description ITEM ID
Cash Receipts - Elementary 3011
Cash Receipts - Secondary 3016
Consultant Form 3375
Chase Deposit Bags 6370
Currency Straps 8485
Supplemental Receipts 2644
Student Body Requisition 3025
When ordering stock items go to Express Order in EPRO and in the ITEM ID type the number. Then go to the front of the item ID you just typed and hold down on the 0 (zero) until it stops. It should look something like this 00000000003011 it might be more or less zeros.