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Test Out Memorandum


TO: Secondary Principals and Counselors

FROM: Robert Grano

DATE: February 10, 2014


Administrative Procedure 4770 (Graduation from Senior High Schools) requires students to demonstrate technology proficiency (in grades 5-12) through either the completion of an approved course that incorporates computer education and applications or through satisfactory results on a district test of computer proficiency.

The High School Computer Proficiency Test has been created for students who are trying to meet the high school graduation requirement and have not been able to fit a computer proficiency class into their schedules or were not offered the opportunity to take an approved computer course.

We encourage students to take one of the approved classes rather than receive a waiver because the courses encompass comprehensive standards-based curricula. In addition, these courses provide skill-based experiences in ten competency areas that cannot be replicated by completing an exam.

The test is only administered at the high school level, not at a middle or junior high school, as students should be given every opportunity to meet the high school graduation requirement by taking an approved computer class. In addition, high schools should administer the test on a case-by-case basis. A waiver should be the exception not the rule.

Please do not hesitate to contact Laurel Rice ([email protected]) for any questions or additional information that you may need.