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Vision 5: Communication: Support and Guidance from District Leadership

Students communicating and working togetherA supportive central administration will facilitate the work of the principals, teachers and school communities within each cluster for community-based school reform. It will be a bottom-up rather than a top-down organizational style. The district administration will facilitate effective communication between all stakeholders for the dissemination of best practices and to foster community support. 

The Vision 2020 sets the following goals

  • The district will maintain a robust communications system.
    • Communication between teachers and schools across the district will facilitate sharing and promote best practices.
    • The district will facilitate ongoing communication with parents.
    • The district will facilitate communication with the broader community.
    • The district will facilitate communication with elected leaders at all levels.

  • The district administration will monitor academic progress at all schools.
    • Central staff will provide guidance and support for the improvement of instruction.
    • District support will enable schools and teachers to effectively monitor each student's academic progress to improve instruction.
    • Central staff will hold every school and cluster accountable for student achievement.

  • The district administration will be technologically advanced and highly efficient in all divisions to best serve the learning needs of students.
    • Academic programs will creatively utilize technology to maximize student achievement.
    • Business divisions will also utilize technology to maximize efficiency to keep resources focused on improving student achievement.

  • Effective long range fiscal planning will result in the ability of the district and schools to make multi-year financial and academic plans with confidence.
  • The district will maintain a strong advocacy program to promote adequate school funding to ensure the success of our students.