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Vision 4: Parents and Community Members Engaged in Learning

Parent helping students with their homeworkEducational research validates that support at home is critical to a student's academic success. Community involvement with active school volunteers and business partnerships adds to the success of students.

The Vision 2020 sets the following goals

  • Parents/guardians will be an integral element of each student's educational experience.
    • Parents will be active home learning guides for their children to support academic learning.
    • Parents and students will collaborate with teachers in designing individual learning plans for each student.
    • Parents will be able to constantly monitor their child's performance in real time with appropriate technology.
    • Parents will play an integral role in school site governance councils and cluster councils.

  • Community volunteers and partnerships will augment the work of teachers in helping each student succeed.
    • Volunteers will provide special support for students who do not have sufficient family support.
    • Community members will participate in cluster councils alongside parents and staff.