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Vision 3: Effective Teachers and Principals in Professional Learning Communities

Staff helping Student with school workEffective teaching in every classroom is central to Vision 2020. At school, the teacher has the most direct effect on student achievement. Principals have a central role as instructional leaders of the school community.

The Vision 2020 sets the following goals

  • Teachers will participate in school-based professional learning communities to encourage best practices and shared problem solving.
    • Teachers will be encouraged to exercise individual creativity while being held accountable for results.
    • Teachers will be provided with useful data systems that allow them to improve the learning of each student.
    • Effective evaluations will be used as a vehicle for enhancing a teacher's skills to improve student achievement.

  • The most important role of the principal will be as an Instructional Leader for the campus.
    • Principals will work collaboratively with teachers, support staff and the community.
    • Principals will also be provided the ongoing training needed to be professional site managers.

  • The district will collaborate with the teachers' association and other stakeholders to improve teacher effectiveness for improved student achievement.
    • Professional development that is needed for teachers will be identified by the school community and will be supported by the district.
    • Student-teacher ratios will be low enough to permit productive interactions with students.

  • San Diego Unified will continually attract and retain the best teachers and principals, as well as support staff and senior management.
    • The district will identify and support district students who would like to become teachers, work with schools of education for better teacher preparation and provide direct support and guidance in the first years of teaching.
    • Career advancement opportunities will be available to teachers for professional growth and to mentor junior teachers.
    • Competitive salaries and benefits will attract the best teachers, principals, support staff and senior management.
    • Excellent working conditions at a district with a superior national reputation will attract stellar teachers and principals.
    • District teachers, principals and staff will parallel the diversity of the San Diego Unified student population for effective multicultural interaction.