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Vision 2: Schools as Neighborhood Learning Centers

Student writing togetherAt the time Vision 2020 was adopted, many students attend schools outside their neighborhoods. Many of the close neighborhood connections of the schools have been lost. Vision 2020 seeks to re-establish a strong bond between a community and its schools. Our goal is to achieve quality schools in every neighborhood through community-based school reform.

The Vision 2020 sets the following goals

  • Schools will be safe, attractive neighborhood learning centers.
    • School facilities will be congruent with the needs of the neighborhood.
    • Instructional strategies will be adapted to ensure the success of every student in that neighborhood.
    • Partnerships with social service agencies and businesses will be established.
    • Schools will serve as cross-generational neighborhood learning centers promoting interaction between residents of all ages.
    • Classified support staff will play a key role in the school's relationship with its neighborhood and as active participants in the mission of improving student achievement.

  • Schools will extend beyond the school site.
    • Improved technology will allow increased contact between school and home.
    • Internships in the community will facilitate real life experiences.
    • Schools will have connections with other schools in the cluster and throughout the district.

  • Schools will be organized into clusters for greater community cohesion.
    • Clusters will consist of a high school and the middle and elementary schools that feed into it.
    • Clusters will ensure that there is continuity for the neighborhood students in the K-12 program.
    • Cluster councils will promote the schools in their communities.
    • Cluster councils will work with schools, community and district staff to improve the quality of their neighborhood schools.
    • Cluster councils will be a democratic representation of the school community including teachers, administrators, support staff, students, parents and community members.

Cluster Graphic