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Vision 1: Student Achievement

Birney Elementary ClassVision 2020 recognizes that we cannot be satisfied with current levels of achievement and that more needs to be done.

At the time of the adoption of Vision 2020, the district was making steady, incremental progress in standardized test scores. Now we need to broaden the measures of student achievement to accurately reflect the skills that we want our students to possess. Then we need to accelerate the achievement gains. Third, we need those gains to include all students from all backgrounds in our district.

The Vision 2020 sets the following goals

  • Schools in San Diego Unified will provide a broad and challenging curriculum that aligns with the Common Core State Standards
    • Students will be offered a blend of rigorous college preparatory and career/technical courses to ensure their readiness for a full-range of post-graduation choices.
    • All students will have equal access to all of the above programs, including the a-g college prep program.
    • Students will have a strong foundation in English language arts, math, science and social studies.
    • Students will be critical and creative thinkers, able to integrate and apply their knowledge, skills and interest.
    • Students will develop the ability to communicate in two languages.
    • Curriculum will be coordinated across the K-12 curriculum in each cluster to assure continuity across the curriculum.

  • To advance student achievement goals, the district will implement clear measures of success that go beyond standardized achievement test scores
    • Staff will develop both quantitative and qualitative measures to measure the broad range of achievement.
    • Such measures will incorporate an individual growth model.
    • Such measures will facilitate the improvement of instruction.
    • Such measures will be readily available and understandable by students, parents and community members.
    • Student achievement will also include measures of Personal Development and Citizenship Development.

  • Meaningful graduation
    • All students will graduate with the skills and knowledge necessary for academic and occupational success as productive citizens.
    • Student success following graduation in college and career will be measured by staff for continuous improvement of instruction.

  • Individualized instruction and annual growth
    • Each student will have an individualized learning plan and will be evaluated based upon progress according to the plan.
    • Students will be allowed to progress through the system at an accelerated, or individual pace, and graduate when all requirements have been fulfilled.
    • Every student, whether starting at a high or low achievement level, will make at least one year's academic growth each year.

  • Access to technology
    • Students will have access to the latest technology at school and at home and will be proficient in its use.
    • Technology will enhance classroom instruction and individual instruction.
    • Students, their parents and teachers will be able to monitor individual student performance continuously in real time.