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Employment Opportunities in Occupational Therapy and Physical Therapy

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San Diego Unified offers its employees a full array of benefits, resources and competitive salaries. Eleven month positions are currently available.

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Job Descriptions Job Descriptions

Salary and Leave Salary and Leave

Employment Benefits Employment Benefits

Benefits of working for SDUSD Benefits of working for SDUSD

About OT & PT Services About OT & PT Services

About the San Diego Unified School District

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Current 11-month employment openings Current 11-month employment openings exist for the following positions:

Occupational Therapy Specialist Occupational Therapy Specialist
Occupational Therapy Assistant Occupational Therapy Assistant
Physical Therapy Specialist Physical Therapy Specialist

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Salary and Work Calendar Salary and Work Calendar

Salary Plan R302
OTBS (Classified)
11 Month/12 Pay 239 Days

OT & PT Specialists

OT & PT Assistants

Entry level: $66,863 per year

Entry level: $49,903 per year

Mid-range: $73,708 per year

Mid-range: $55,008 per year

Top-range: $81,260 per year

Top-range: $60,649 per year

Work Calendar

Employees follow an 11-month work calendar, with 12-month pay schedule. The 239 paid days include all holiday and paid leave days. (21 non-paid days are interspersed throughout the year; 12 equal monthly pay checks are issued. Payday is the last working day of the month.). Breaks: Thanksgiving week off-track; 2-week Winter Break; 1-week Spring Break (use of 11 vacation days during winter and spring break required).

Mileage Reimbursement

Employees are reimbursed at the federal rate for automobile miles driven during the workday to provide therapy services to district students.

Leave Benefits Leave Benefits

  • Holidays: 13 paid holidays, plus 1 paid floating holiday
  • Sick leave: 11 full paid sick days per year. When full paid sick days are spent, the employee has half-paid sick days (for short term disability, illness, maternity, etc.) for up to 6 months with doctor's authorization. 8 full paid sick leave days may be used for Personal Necessity leave, which includes family illness, parent responsibilities, religious holidays, etc.
  • Short-term leave with pay includes bereavement, jury duty, military leave, etc. and these additional paid leave days are not charged out of sick or vacation leave days.
  • 2 Personal Business days per year (from sick leave days) used for any personal purpose.
  • 2-hour personal business leave, with supervisor approval, used for emergencies, automobile breakdown, etc.

  • Vacation

  • Years of Employment

    Earned Vacation Days per Year

    1 - 4


    5 - 9


    10 - 12




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    Employment Benefits Employment Benefits

    Health Plans

    • A generous and comprehensive benefits package is available to eligible employees and their eligible dependents including the following plans:
      • Medical: Kaiser or United Health Care of California
      • Prescription Drug Benefits: Express-Scripts (UHC) or Kaiser pharmacy
      • Dental: Delta Dental, DeltaCare and Western Dental
      • Vision: Vision Service Plan
      • Mental Health: Optum Health
      • Chiropractic: Optum Health
    • Employees in monthly salaried positions of half time or more are eligible.
    • All health care premiums, including dependent coverage, are currently paid by the district.
    • Flexible Spending Accounts are available to employees. Under the FSA Plan, eligible employees may redirect a portion of their paycheck each month to their own personal Health Care FSA and/or Dependent Care FSA (child care expenses). Receipts are required. The money redirected to the FSA will not be subject to Federal, State, Social Security or Medicare taxes.

    Additional information regarding all benefits can be obtained on the SDUSD Health Benefits web page.


    • California Public Employees' Retirement System (CalPERS) plan provides a lifetime benefit that is calculated using a formula, based on salary, service years, and age at time of retirement.

    • Employee contribution is 7% of gross monthly salary, District contributes another 9% of gross monthly salary

    After 5 service years, the account becomes "vested", and may be maintained in the system, even if the employee resigns from the district. If the employee resigns, and rolls the money over into another retirement account, the district's contributions are not available for rollover.

    Life Insurance

    A policy equal to the employee's annual salary is provided through Hartford Life Insurance Company.

    Additional for purchase

    Additional Life Insurance for the employee and dependents is available through Hartford Life Insurance Company

    Accidental Death and Dismemberment Insurance is available through the Prudential Life Insurance Company of America.

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    Benefits of working for SDUSD Benefits of working for SDUSD

    Professional Development Courses & Continuing Education

    • The school year typically begins in late August with a full week of orientation activities, including a 2-day professional development workshop. Topics vary each year.

    • On-going professional development courses are offered throughout the year by the department (Special Education) or the program office (Related and Specialized Services).

    • Additional opportunities for continuing education may be offered by regional SELPA's or seminar companies, and when authorized, Absence on District Leave permits the employee to attend these courses without using other paid leave days. (Any course registration fees are the responsibility of the employee.)

    • Staff Orientation meetings and training are offered related to school-based procedures, policies, best practice and service delivery.

    • A Collaborative Mentoring program with experienced therapists is offered through our small group Professional Learning Communities.

    • Staff has access to a variety of resources and support, including contact with their assigned Senior, Supervisor, and practice support personnel.

    Technology and Other Resources

    • OT & PT Services provides staff with a desktop or laptop computer for district use.

    • Staff has access to web based resources, district email, online IEP and service documentation software, and the department provides training and support for these applications.

    • The Assistive Technology unit (OT, speech and educational specialists) provides support and training to help your IEP team meet the assistive technology needs of district students.

    • The Special Education Adaptive Equipment unit provides access to a range of adaptive instructional materials and positioning equipment for student use.

    • Two skilled and creative Adaptive Equipment Specialists are available to customize materials and equipment for student use, and monitor the inventory and purchasing of items.

    • OT & PT Services offers a range of therapy materials and equipment on a checkout basis. Items include kits for fine motor, sensory, perceptual and gross motor interventions with students.

    • OT & PT Services offers a checkout program for Assessments and Evaluation protocols, and offers training opportunities for administering, interpreting and writing reports.

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    About the OT & PT Services Unit About the OT & PT Services Unit

    The Occupational Therapy and Physical Therapy (OT & PT) Services unit is part of the Special Education Program Division of San Diego Unified School District. We provide therapy services to children with special needs, from birth to age 22 years, as it relates to learning and performance in the educational setting. These students have a wide range of educational needs, a diversity of cultural backgrounds and an assortment of diagnostic categories. The OT & PT Services unit is comprised of approximately 75 OT's, 30 OT assistants, 17 PT's and 1 PT assistants. We work collaboratively with other related service providers, teachers, parents, administrators and support staff to provide specialized instruction and interventions for students with special needs.

    About the San Diego Unified School District About the San Diego Unified School District

    The San Diego Unified School District serves over 130,000 students. It is the second largest district in California, and eighth largest urban district in the United States. The student population is extremely diverse, representing more than 15 ethnic groups and over 60 languages and dialects. The district has more than 221 educational facilities with over 14,000 employees. The district's educational facilities include 118 elementary schools, 29 middle schools, 24 high schools, 35 charter schools, and 15 atypical or alternative schools.

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