At some schools there is not enough space available for every student who applies. In order to assign these seats fairly, applications submitted during the Choice window are given a “priority,” and all applications received during this time period are randomly sorted in order of “priority” placement on grade-level lists.

Students already enrolled as VEEP, School Choice/Open Enrollment and those enrolled at a neighborhood magnet school may articulate with the current school’s resident population during regular articulation. Articulation is the movement between levels such as from elementary to middle and middle to high school. An application is NOT required to continue to the next level school if your child was already enrolled in the feeder school as a nonresident student.

The following is the order for students that must apply. The priorities are ranked 1 through 7, with priority 1 receiving the highest placement on the enrollment list for each school, followed by priority 2 and then 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7 in that order.



Enrollment Priorities Table




Magnet students continuing in a specific program theme from elementary to middle to high school. See Magnet Themes and Program Continuity section for more information.


Siblings of students who will be concurrently enrolled at the same school, choosing Magnet, VEEP and School Choice schools.”


Children of San Diego Unified employees attending a school within the cluster where the parent works.



Non-resident children attending an early childhood program at a site, who wish to continue to attend that site at TK/K.



For School Choice – Elementary GATE (Gifted and Talented Education) Cluster program and high school special course. You must send an email to eoptions@sandi.net or submit the request in writing for this priority. See Enrollment Guide (catalog) for more information.


San Diego Unified students enrolled or scheduled to be enrolled at a school on the Open Enrollment Act list receive priority applying to a Magnet, VEEP or School Choice/Open Enrollment school not on the list.



General school choice application. Applications for Magnet schools are prioritized by high school cluster.



Students residing outside the district applying to Magnet or School Choice programs.


Please note: this information is subject to change.

         NO PRIORITY-No priority is given for concurrently applying siblings to a school or for siblings of pupils who

            have or will have already graduated from that school.  No priority is given to pupils who have moved out of

            a school’s boundary or plan to move out of the boundary, for continued enrollment in that school.