You are eligible for the chiropractic benefit if you are an active employee enrolled in any of the District's employee medical plans or a district retiree enrolled in a non-Medicare plan. Optum Health provides chiropractic benefits for active employees and for retirees on non-Medicare plans.The coverage is the same for all the plans but the co-pay varies based on what medical plan you are enrolled in. The links below describe the coverage and co-pays:

Medical Plans with $10 co-pay:
Kaiser HMO
United Healthcare HMO Network 1
Summary of Benefits $10 co-pay 

Medical Plans with $20 co-pay:
United Healthcare HMO Network 2:
Summary of Benefits $20 co-pay
Medical Plans with $30 co-pay:
United Healthcare SignatureValue Alliance HMO
United Healthcare Journey Harmony HMO
United Healthcare/UMR NexusACO Select Plus PPO:
Summary of Benefits $30 co-pay
**Please Note: UHC UMR NexusACO Select Plus PPO enrollees should first call the member services phone number on the back of their ID card (800.826.9781) when seeking chiropractic care.