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Our office works to support the continuity of education of students in transition including: students in foster care, students experiencing homelessness, students who are military dependents, and students who are refugees.  The office also includes the district's Home/Hospital and Transition Supports program for students who are unable to attend their regular school program due to a medical or transition-related need.

The office serves more than 19,000 students each year, accounting for more than 14 percent of the total population of our entire district. A goal of this office is to ensure students receive a quality education during school transitions.

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Our office serves students living in foster care including group homes.  We work with school sites and community agencies such group homes, foster families, social services, post high school programs to coordinate support efforts.


Our district served 5,588 preschool through high school students experiencing homelessness during the 2013-14 school year. We offer services that include resources to assist students and families in navigating the educational system so they continue to receive a quality education during this transitional time.

Over 13,000 students from military connected families attend schools throughout San Diego Unified School District. Nine of our schools are located on or near military installations. We offer services specifically tailored to aid students of families in the military.


An average of 200 newcomers arrive in San Diego County each month. Many of these newcomers are school-age children who are enrolled in San Diego Unified School District.  Our office works with schools to ensure students are enrolled in school and have access to needed services.