I would like to welcome you to the San Diego Unified School District Police Department’s webpage. As Chief of Police for our district, which serves 132,000 students and 14,000 staff members, my aim is to lead the way in creating a culture of respect and a safe environment free of crime, bullying, harassment, and intimidation. Our job as “school police officers” is to empower students and staff with the knowledge to effectively respond to an emergency or catastrophic event with a sense of confidence and security. We are dedicated to taking a proactive approach to educating the community about the valuable role school police officers play that goes far beyond the realm of enforcement. The department is data-driven and uses criminal activity levels on and around campus to inform decisions related to the deployment of resources. The department has coined the term “school-oriented policing” to describe the nuances of applying the Community-Oriented Policing philosophy in a school environment. The department, which will celebrate 30 years of police accreditation in 2014, has been in existence long enough to understand we do not have all of the answers. Therefore, we look to school administrators and the community for assistance in problem solving and making a safer environment for our students and staff. I am a proponent for training in an effort to meet district and performance needs. I am attuned to crime trends and statistics and I believe we cannot improve if we are not measuring and assessing our performance. The department works with the Probation Department, local community groups and the district’s Student Attendance Review Board (SARB) to assist in dropout prevention. Since September 11, 2001, our officers have embraced emergency preparedness and assumed the role of the district’s emergency management coordinators. The department oversees a fully-operational Emergency Operations Center (EOC) with state of the art equipment designed to assist with communication, collaboration, and coordination during any emergency. We host training for district leadership during the year and participate in statewide and local emergency drills and training as a matter of course. The department takes its role of policing and securing the lives of its students and staff seriously and appreciates the support of the community. District police is composed of 45 commissioned police officers, 18 non-sworn officers, and 15 civilian personnel. Given the 200 square miles the department is responsible for policing, the department maintains an excellent working relationship with the San Diego Police Department. The Memorandum of Understanding between the departments allows for a collaborative police response to 911 emergencies, routine calls for service, and large scale events on campus. The department is comprised of police officers and support staff, including Community Service Officers, Dispatchers, and administrative personnel. Our officers are assigned to schools within 16 high schools clusters.