The San Diego Unified School district’s Audiology Program is designed to provide audiologic assessments, direct consultative services to students with a hearing impairment or with a Central Auditory Processing Disorder; and to support parents, staff and other district offices in efforts of providing students equal access to district curriculum and programs.  Assessment services provided include: 1)  Audiologic evaluations for students with known or suspected hearing loss; 2) Central Auditory Processing assessments for students with known or suspected auditory processing difficulties as part of  a multidisciplinary team assessment; 3) hearing screenings for preschool and school age students in a special education program or being referred for special education services, and for difficult to test students in regular education.  The Audiologist also can make recommendations regarding the use of and proper fit of hearing aids, cochlear implants and Assistive Listening Devices.

When to Refer a Student

1.  For an Audiologic Evaluation/Hearing Screening (in a Sound Conditioned Booth)
Students in general education, grades K through 12 and Special Education students from the Infant Program through age 22 are assessed if the following conditions are evident:

  • The student has a known or suspected hearing loss.
  • The student has failed two hearing screenings performed at the school site.
  • The student needs  verification of normal hearing post middle ear surgery.
  • The student has been referred for Special Education Services.
  • The student has not been able to complete a hearing screening using standard procedures.
If the student meets this criteria, please print, fill out and fax (619-497-3521) or mail the Application for Audiological Screening/Evaluation to the Ed Center, Annex 17.
Hearing screenings are scheduled on Tuesday through Friday from 8:30am to 2:30pm.  Most screenings will take approximately 20-30 minutes.

2.  Auditory Processing Referral Process

For more information on Central Auditory Processing evaluations and referral process, please access Staff Portal, select Special Education, select Procedures Manual and Resources, select Chapter 41 (Low Incidence) and scroll to Audiology

Contact Information
Audiology Assessment Center
Eugene Brucker Education Center
4100 Normal Street, Annex 17
San Diego, CA 92103-2682

(619) 497-3520 - Phone
(619) 497-3521 - Fax

Key Contacts

Kristin Makena

Spec Ed Site Administrator(858) 490-8451

 Griselda Madrigal Audiology Clerk(619) 497-3520
Dr. Amy Ferrall-Pack
Educational Audiologist (619) 497-3520
Dr. Donna Royce Educational Audiologist (619) 497-3520
Dr. Marcia VeltreEducational Audiologist (619) 935-2900
Dr. Evelyn SmithEducational Audiologist(858)
Dr. Tom TeublEducational Audiologist(619) 497-3520
Dr. Leah Malish
Educational Audiologist(619) 497-3520 x5
Yvonne Larson Educational Audiologist(619) 497-3520
Dr. Kirsten KesterEducational Audiologist (619) 497-3520
Dr. Amanda Conrad 
Educational Audiologist(858) 897-5000 x 2303