In the Arts Education Project (AEP), visiting arts teachers provide arts lessons while elementary grade-level teachers are meeting for collaborative time or PLCs. Funding for AEP varies, including the school's Educator Effectiveness dollars, Title I funds, or other discretionary school budget money.

Students in AEP schools are given instruction in three of the four arts disciplines: dance, music, theatre or visual art. Teaching artists in those disciplines provide rotating 50-minute arts lessons to every class so classroom teachers have three hours of uninterrupted collaborative time. Sequential, standards-based arts lessons have been written by VAPA resource teachers, who then provide monthly trainings on those lessons to the visiting arts teachers. Typically AEP provides nine lessons, approximately one per month, for every classroom. An eighteen-lesson program is also available.

During the 2016-2017 school year, AEP ran as a pilot project operating in six Title I elementary schools: Chavez, Encanto, Field, Hancock, Horton, and Lafayette. Fourteen schools participated in AEP in 2017-2018, and the current 2018-2019 count is 24 participating schools.

Below: kindergarten theatre class                    Below: 4th grade dance class 


Below: kindergarten visual art class


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