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Superintendent Search Forum

Thank you for attending! 

After beginning an extensive, community-focused recruitment process just over a year ago, San Diego Unified hosted a final opportunity for members of the public to help select the district's new permanent superintendent.

Students, parents, school employees, and community members came to meet the superintendent finalists and provide feedback at our public Superintendent Search forum on Saturday, Feb. 26 at Wilson Middle School. If you missed the forum, you can watch the recording here.



Parents, students, employees, and community members can submit their questions or feedback through March 1. Simply fill out the form below!

Question/Feedback Form - 2/26/2022

Formulario para preguntas/aportaciones - 2/26/2022

မေးခွန်း/ပြန်လည်သုံးသပ်ရှုမြင်ချက် ပုံစံစာရွက် -၂၆/၂/၂၀၂၂

Bản Điền Câu hỏi/Ý kiến - 26/2/2022

Foomka Su'aasha/Jawaab-celiska - 2/26/2022

Form para sa Tanong/Feedback - 2/26/2022

Fòm Kesyon/Fidbak - 26 fevriye 2022

Fomu ya Maswali au Maoni - 2/26/2022

نموذج الاسئلة والملاحظات – 2022/26/02

ទំរង់បំពេញ សំណួរ/មតិតប - 2/26/2022

တၢ်သံကွၢ်∕ဟံၣ်ထီၣ်တၢ်ထံၣ်လံကဘျံး — ၂ ∕၂၆ ∕၂ဝ၂၂


For more information, see the flyer below:

In-Person Community Forum: ENGLISH

Foro comunitario presencial: SPANISH

Diễn đàn Cộng đồng Trực tiếp: VIETNAMESE

Pagtitipon ng Komunidad na Dadaluhan nang Personal: TAGALOG

လ က ုယ်တ ုင်တက်န ောက်န ုင်မည ် ပ် ွောလ ထုဖ ု မ် : BURMESE

Jukwaa la Jamij kuiingia binafsi: SWAHILI

Tukio La Uso Kwa Uso: KIZIGUA

Shir Bulshada Oo Si Toos Ah Loo Aadaayo: SOMALI




If you need interpretation in another language, email [email protected].
For ASL Interpretation Services, please complete this form.


To learn more about the San Diego Unified School District's efforts to recruit and select the new superintendent, including a timeline of events and past community input sessions, see our Superintendent Search web page.