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Tina Medina - Resource Teacher

Tina Medina
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Tina has been facilitating discussions on race and racism for over 25 years - a journey that started in Watts and South Central Los Angeles and has since carried her into the international, private, public, higher ed and non-profit spaces. She has over 12 years experience teaching in the classroom, graduated with a Masters in Peace and Justice Studies from University of San Diego’s Kroc School, became a licensed trainer with the International Institute of Restorative Practices, and spent three years designing and implementing positive youth development programming for the Kroc Institute for Peace and Justice - all while being a single mom and launching her business, VIBE Movement, an organization dedicated to helping educators forge powerful relationships, prioritize self-care, and increase productivity so that they can become positive impact leaders for their students, schools and communities. As a restorative practices facilitator and trainer, Tina has supported individual, small group and whole site development for both students, staff and leadership. Her approach to restorative practices combines inter- and intra-personal transformation, providing time and space to examine our biases and how they impact our work with others. When she isn’t helping to humanize our ed systems, she is hanging with her family, enjoying time outdoors, and eating some good food!