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Public Education Investment Model

INVESTING IN CALIFORNIA'S FUTURE: California Students Can Excel and Guarantee the State's Future Success Through Investment Model Developed by San Diego Unified

San Diego Unified believes California can prepare virtually all of its students to succeed in school and the workplace through targeted strategies. The academic rigor and creative entrepreneurship needed for solving the state's looming crises - such as climate change, competing in a global economy and sustaining our high quality of life - is within our grasp.

In October 2014, San Diego Unified's Board of Education and Superintendent Cindy Marten approved a long-term advocacy plan to address robust funding for public education. The cornerstone of this plan was the development of a high-level estimate of the minimum funding level that would be needed to increase the investments in the classroom and provide additional instructional support to students. The result is an investment model that seeks to answer the simple yet fundamentally critical question that hovers over the entire issue: what will it take to educate our children and help advance California's goals?

The investment model is intended to calculate the funding needed from Sacramento to help school districts across California demonstrate what is needed to properly invest in students and classrooms to all but eliminate the achievement gap. In San Diego, the investment model highlights the estimated costs of education based on realistic expenditures aligned with the district's instructional objectives, allowing San Diego Unified to take to scale smaller initiatives that have been proven to be successful in closing achievement gaps to ensure each and every student will graduate high school career and college ready, and be vital future leaders for California.

San Diego Unified wants to engage you - our students, parents, teachers, classified staff, community and business leaders, and other districts from throughout the state - in this important conversation. Supporting student achievement will require collaboration from all of us so that we provide our students with access to an academic, physical and social environment worthy of their learning.

Investment Model Resources

Public Education Funding Town Halls

Investing in California's Future Part I:
Taking Successful Strategies to Scale and Closing the Opportunity Gap with More Robust Funding Town Hall Meeting, Nov. 4, 2015

Investing in California's Future Part II:
What it Means for our Students, our Community and Regional Economy Town Hall Meeting, Jan. 19, 2016

The San Diego Unified School District, the San Diego Unified Council of Parent Teacher Association (PTA) and the United Way of San Diego hosted countywide discussion with parents, community and business leaders on why supporting public schools matters for society and the economy.

The United Way of San Diego moderated the panel discussion that included:

  • Andrea Guerrero, Executive Director, Alliance San Diego
  • Clare Crawford, President and Executive Director, Center for Policy Initiatives
  • Ed Hidalgo, Senior Director of Staffing, Qualcomm
  • Mark Cafferty, President and CEO, San Diego Regional Economic Development Corp.
  • Celeste Bobryk-Ozaki, President, San Diego Unified Council of PTAs
  • Gregg Robinson, President, San Diego County Board of Education

Additional Resources (non-district)