Learning through the Arts is a competitive, Title 1 grant-based, arts integration initiative being pioneered in SDUSD. With their principal’s support, TK-12 teacher teams of 3 or more from any Title 1 site may apply to create an LTA residency at their school. This grant funds and supports participating classroom teachers collaborating with teaching artists from the professional arts community to design, create, and co-teach arts integrated lessons and units. 

Arts Integration is an APPROACH to TEACHING in which students construct and demonstrate UNDERSTANDING through an ART FORM. Students engage in a CREATIVE PROCESS which CONNECTS an art form and another subject area and meets EVOLVING OBJECTIVES in both. (The Kennedy Center)


  • This grant is open to TK-12 teachers (in teams of 3 or more) at Title 1 sites. 
  • Each teacher on the team MUST complete their own application.
  • Teams must include at least 2 teachers per grade level or subject area – exception for small elementary schools that only have one teacher per grade level

Teacher's Commitment:

  • IN THE FALL, all classroom teachers attend two-day (subs paid by LTA) orientation and curriculum co-writing event with teaching artists where they co-create these two items:
    1. a one-page, backwards-designed, lesson/unit template connected to their site’s SPSA goal
    2. a calendar of co-teaching classes and ongoing curriculum co-writing sessions (subs and/or hourly curriculum writing rate, funded by LTA)
  • Calendar and meet with teaching artist for 1 hour of structured curriculum co-writing for every 2 hours of classroom co-teaching

Site Leader's Commitment:

  • Principals approve teachers’ applications and support teachers’ ongoing participation
  • Principals monitor curriculum writing calendar and manage site’s LTA curriculum writing budget to compensate teachers for ongoing curriculum co-writing sessions with teaching artists


  • June 6th - application opens
  • June 30th - application closes
  • July 15th - teachers notified of acceptance
  • August 1st - teachers paired with teaching artists
  • Early October - two-day orientation and curriculum writing pull-out
  • Residencies between 12 and 20 instructional hours (flexible – usually 1 hr/week)
  • Ongoing curriculum co-writing team time – 1 hour per every 2 hours of co-teaching

Why Apply?

  • Become a part of a nationally recognized and innovative Title 1 initiative that benefits ALL students! Co-create original, arts integrated curriculum
  • Develop and refine your collaborative curriculum writing and co-teaching skills
  • Learn to teach ALL of your students how to access content and express their learning through the ARTS!
Download the flier HERE.

Link to the application HERE. The deadline to apply is June 30.

For more information, contact VAPA Program Manager, Tim Benson at tbenson@sandi.net