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San Diego Unified is committed to
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We believe in the incredible collective power that
have in ensuring the lifelong success of EACH AND EVERY CHILD.

The Family and Community Engagement Team

We are here to support our staff, families and community partners in engaging in highlight effective practices that bring stakeholders together for student success. This year our Family and Community Engagement (F.A.C.E.) Team has Identified and developed a strong district model for engaging our partners in the work around educating the children of our community.


San Diego Unified School District's 5 Priorities Include

Research shows that one of the best tools for student success depends on family and community involvement in their education. Every child benefits from a strong partnership between home, community and school. It is a fact, and it works. Therefore, San Diego Uniifed School District grounded in stakeholders feedback has developed 4 Equity Levers (Families as Co-Teachers & Co-Learners, Familes as Co-Leaders, Environments Worthy of Our Familes and Community-School Partnerships) grounded with belief statements to ensure a collective understanding and vision.

Urgent Mission of Collaborative Change

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Family and Community Engagement Belief Statements

Family and Community Belief Statement Path 
Teachers really want and need your support. As part of our family outreach for student success, we train faculty and staff in strengthening the vital school + parent partnership in an effort to build capacity across the district in highly effective Famile and Community Engagement. Our team's Central Office is located at the Harold J. Ballard Parent Center, with 6 additional locations located throughout Middle Schools within each area of our school district.
We invite and welcome all families to engage and learn how to positively impact and support your child's education! After all, as parents, you are your child's first teacher. By becoming involved the potential to reach your child's goals has limitless possibilities. 
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Harold J. Ballard Parent Center:
A Learning & Resource Center for Families

2375 Congress Street
San Diego, CA 92110
Stanley Anjan, Executive Director
Family and Community Engagement Team
Education Center - Wing A - 2244